Air Sticky Bomb... The hardest stunt ever?

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7 years ago#1
Seriously, I can't get this stunt to work for the life of me... I only need this and the one where you Lightning Storm a flying guy, but I don't have Lightning Storm yet... I was thinking that once I get to Historic, there are those little robot things that fly around, and I could try to sticky bomb them... Does anyone know if this technique works?
7 years ago#2
Hardly. Just shockwave someone then spam grenades as fast as you can. Sorted.
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7 years ago#3
That's what I've been doing, but the grenades either fall short, or go too far, or don't hit until he's landed...
7 years ago#4
Aim better?

Or try shockwaving someone into a wall, so they don't go too far away from you.
313 FTW... ("\_/")
7 years ago#5
*shrugs* I've tried the wall thing a couple times, but I guess it's worth another go... Any word on the robot idea?
7 years ago#6
Lol, I got this one in the demo intentionally. Kinda easy once you master grenade throws.
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7 years ago#7
i wrote down all the stunts i had left and went to get this one. took me 2 grenades lol. i was lucky. if your good then reverse magnetism is your friend.

im also 95% sure that grenades dont stick to the robots. sorry.
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7 years ago#8
^I would use reverse magnetism, only I'm trying to get it on my infamous file, since that's the one I only have 2 left on and I've almost completely cleared the city on my hero file...
7 years ago#9
I got it without even trying. Just spam the shock nades and aim better
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7 years ago#10
end game isnt a problem. i cant be bothered to rewrite it for your stunt specifically, but here is a previous post i made about endgame stunts. you can go for the aerial stick here just as easily as the ones i talked about. its basicly just a way to get 5 reapers to consistently spawn very close to some water and a spawn point. so you can try for the stunt, if you fail you dive in the sea and spawn and repeat.


a good have a nice fall place. can also be used for right back at you fairly easily. and for pretty much any stunt really. the only one you wont get their very easily is crowd control. thats because they always spawn 2 on one side and 3 on the other, and never cross the tracks. you would have to somehow shockwave 2 of them over to the other side (after you have hit the 3 guys once each to weak them).... then group them and shockwave/grenade/thunder drop..... thunder drop would be the best, but i dont think there is any way to get decent height, so you will probably be stuck with grenades as your best option.

also assuming you visit zekes once, then whenever you jump into the water you will respawn there, allowing you to make the short trip back to the station.

and another piece of advise is that the jumping onto the pier thing is unessisary. just roll right through the station. wait till you reach a corner on the tracks just past it. hop off and walk along the street back and up the stairs into the station.
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