Ps3 Crash

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I'm just curious, i have had this game since the release date. I've beaten it evil and good, and now im going through good mode, trying to do all the side missions. Anyway, since i got the game, i think my ps3 has only crashed twice. I was just playing and the ps3 froze, and i had to reset it, the game is slightly glitchy, has this happened to anyone else?

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I just beat it, didn't crash a single time.
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when i got my 40gb ps3 about 18 months ago it used to do the same thing as yours with certaingames in the end i sent i back to sony and it has been fine since and i have had no problems with this game.

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It's REALLY annoying, how i have to post, to see someone else's post...
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Yes this game has hard locked on me twice. This is only the 2nd game to hard lock my PS3 in 2 years. Both times the crash occurred during "Anything for Trish".

Also, playing through as evil now & I've fallen through the ground a few times. This never happened to me during my good play-through. Quite a few glitches have happened that I never experienced on my hero run. I don't know if it's all that crap cluttering the streets or what.

In spite of it all, the generous autosave/checkpoints, make the infrequent glitches negligible.
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My game crashed once, on my second playthrough, on the UAV shoot-down mission. I went to one of the planes, it was floating in Mid-Air, and when I tried to grab the quest thing, game froze.
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Did you delete your data file and reinstall (NOT Save Game data)? Every game i play a lot requires this to be done regularly.
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this game has locked up on my twice. Good thing there is an autosave though!
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Thanks guys!