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7 years ago#1
It's the one in the Warren where you get the mission near the tunnel entrance. Getting to the third uplink means crossing a canal. There are no cables running to that building. There are cables on telephone poles running past it but the building is all balconies on that side. If I try jumping from the cables I either end up in a balcony or stumble into one while climbing and by that time even a few seconds delay costs me the mission. Is there trick to this?
7 years ago#2
At the induction grind just before the canal, I jump forward as hard as possible and use the static thrusters to glide over the canal, landing as fast as I can on the ground. Then I run to the base of the target building, and climb to the top. I usually have 10 seconds to climb up which is just a little more than enough. It's probably not the way it's meant to be done, but it's how I managed to get through it.
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7 years ago#3
Thanks, it worked!
7 years ago#4
also what's even more important , is to get a very good jump after grinding , on end of the rail ...

btw , I solved that by jumping over building on veeery long lines with help of trusters , then when near building , I jumped in left as much as possible and you end up if lucky on middle of building ., then spam X till the top ...

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