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7 years ago#1
Im really irritated at this games concept of morallity. Before you laugh and say "duh, its a silent hill game" let me expalin. I thought the addition of dialouge and decision trees in this game was pretty cool and I tryed to answer them as I would if i were the character. (Despite the extremely shallow characterizations in this game, this did get me into things a bit more).

So, I get to the point where mom is hanging on a torture device and she wants me to shoot her to end her suffering. Well, first off Im wondering why the heck Alex, with his menagerie of melee weapons, doesnt run up to the thing and at least TRY to cut her loose. But that big oversight aside, I still approached the situation I was given and tryed to make the right decision. I was thinking, if it were me, I wouldnt be able to do it because i wouldnt be able to live with knowing I killed my mom, even if she was going to die anyway. It would just add to my demons and make everything worse. Deep down, she would know this to, and if she were in her right mind, wouldnt have wanted it this way. Also, I was thinking if i didnt shoot, maybe she would end up surviveing. Even though she is killed, I still felt it was the right decision because, in the end, I couldnt have prevented it and I didnt commit the murder.

As I toodle through the rest of the game, I decide to forgive my dad and save wheeler. Im thinking I made the moral decisions, but I get the mental hospital ending. Then I find out to get the happy ending (which was lame anyway), you have to shoot your mom and forgive your dad. Well, that really pissed me off especially in light of SH2 where the whole game is basicly a penance of sorts for killing your wife.

So shooting your mom on a torture devise is a mercy killing, but smoothering your wife on her deathbed is a deed that deserves to be punished. See, this is why I loved the story of SH2 and hated this aspect of SH:HC. SH2 made perfect sence as he needed to suffer for what he did and hopefully, maybe, found peace in the end once he confronted the evils he repressed (in one ending). Here however, im punished for not killing my mom, and rewarded if i blow her away.

Not shooting her should have been the right decision. If it were me on the rack, I would never ask a loved one to kill me, knowing how it would effect them in the long run, even if it meant I would have to suffer. So not only is your murder rewarded here, but so is your moms selfish desire to put her comfort over her childs well being.
Silent hill has always been creepy and, above all disturbing, but there has always been a method to the madness so to speak, a reason for the towns manifestations for the main characters. It has always been a deep journey into the inner self. With this game, that previously glorious aspect falls flat on its face.

While im on a rant here, I can also add that Alex didnt even do anything to deserve his journey into silent hill hell. His brothers death was an accident and he had no control over being the chosen one. He is completely a victom of circumstances that are beyond his control. Yes, it was important for him to remember what happened to his brother, but he has no real crimes. So hes caught up in everyone elses evil and just goes along for the ride. SHO, SH1, and SH3 dive into the mythology, SH2 tells a beautifuly crafted story about the essence of silent hill on tortured souls, but this one seems to throw all that out the window along with the subtlety and the psychological journey that once made this series so great.

Anyone else agree with this?
7 years ago#2
I think you're missing a subtle point of the story...

Alex is not being punished, exactly... the Mom and Dad were being punished for their sins of not sacrificing Alex. Alex is more of a bystanding, much like Henry... tho his guilt over his brother's death does, indeed, affect some of the delusions...
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7 years ago#3
I understand that Alex isnt being punished directly, like I said hes just along for the ride and I didnt enjoy that as much as sh2. My main point though was in the decision with mother. Given a real moral decision, and the consquences for similar actions in Sh2, being rewarded for shooting her really irritated me.

The situations do differ, im not argueing that, James killed his wife out of selfishness, Alex kills his mom out of pity. Perhaps it is the mom who has the greater guilt for forcing her son to make that choice, but the fact remains that both alex and james commited murder. Walking away like everything is fine when you choose to "mercykill" and ending up lobotomized for not pulling the trigger just doesnt sit well with me.
7 years ago#4
I agree it felt counter-intuitive, but it does make some sense after you see the scene. But what does it matter, really, other than getting a specific ending? Looking at the other games, how to get a specific ending is not terribly obvious from the start. Throw a bottle of floor-goo at cybil while she's shooting at you? Don't heal when James gets hurt? Don't read Douglas' Journal?
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7 years ago#5
I agree, getting some of the other endings in other sh games was really wierd and random. But to me, in this one, it just felt like the game was directly rewarding the particular decision to shoot your mom by giving you the happy ending if you do so. Obviously, forgiving your dad is the the right thing to do so that meshes and since those are the only two criteria, the happy ending reward feels wrong and out of place. Its one thing if doing wierd random things gives you ending a b or c like in some of the other games., but in this one the ending is based on 2 speciifc moral decisions. In that sence I dont agree with the underlying implications for the good ending.
7 years ago#6
but this one seems to throw all that out the window along with the subtlety and the psychological journey that once made this series so great.

^ That's always been my biggest complaint about this game as well...
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7 years ago#7
Don't heal when James gets hurt?

That was always my favorite, and most feared. D =
Okay I lied; I like collecting the little trinkets to the rebirth ending.
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