Stuck !!!! I need the weapon to hack!!!!!!!!!!

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8 years ago#1
I went through the back door and got to the door that is boarded up. I need to find the weapon that will let me hack the wood away. Help Please!!!
8 years ago#2
Did you go through the backyard and into the cemetery yet?
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8 years ago#3
I did and found another spot with boards covering it. I can't go any farther in the cementary or at the house. What about you?
8 years ago#4
I'm in that board too and need some help.
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8 years ago#5
If you have not gotten through the cemetery's puzzle with the plates then you haven't gotten far enough to need it yet. I don't have it yet but I'm through that part and haven't hit a dead end yet. If you are further, sorry was just trying to help out.
8 years ago#6
I found the old plate but not the other one. There is a board up place in the cementary also. How far are you? Did you break the boards inside the back door?
8 years ago#7
You need to navigate through the cemetary. Look for the area where you go through all the different tombs. Make sure you look carefully in each one to see if you can shimmy through the wall or into a hole on one of the sides. You'll get through.
8 years ago#8
I did that and ran into a dead end, with the boards blocking my path and telling me I didn't have the right weapon.
8 years ago#9
Yeah you gotta look for the place to duck under near the save point you'lll get out of the cemetery without needing to open either of those doors.
8 years ago#10
Keep going through. Trust me, there is a path. One of the areas has two coffins pushed together at an odd-angle. There is a hole to the left you can duck through.
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  3. Stuck !!!! I need the weapon to hack!!!!!!!!!!

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