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8 years ago#1
i dont have a psp and was wondering if there is any way that i can play patapon on my computer, a download, or something.
8 years ago#2
No. PSP games can only be played on the PSP.
8 years ago#3
there are emulators out there but two things

1. They're illegal
2. They're still in development, so they probably aren't great

However it IS possible to emulate using a psp, but again, illegal, considering you'd have to mod the psp.
8 years ago#4
illegal..Unless its a free flash game, here ya go.
8 years ago#5
That is so not like the real game.. but it's nice to see the graphics/sounds on the pc though.
8 years ago#6
Emulators are not illegal and there is no PSP emulator that works with commercial games.
8 years ago#7
Go to, I bet they have Patapon on the PC.
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