How to counteract the radiation effect from a artifact..?

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8 years ago#1
alot of the artifact i have either have +2 or +1 radiation.. which is annoyin because whenever i put them on for a prolonged time i get radiation poison.

I do have suit that currently have +37 to radiation( and other) resistance.. but that doesnt seem to be doin anything at all..

is there a artifact that nulls the effect of other artifact with radiation?
8 years ago#2
Suit's radiation protection is only good for stopping outside radiation (think about it, the artefact container is meant to expose you to the effects of them). The 3 rad scrubbers are jellyfish, wrenched, and bubble (minus 2, 4, and 6 respectively). Jellyfish is the first artefact you find in the tutorial.
Darkness is only the beginning.
8 years ago#3
wat the hell..? we were suppose to get an artifact in the swamps? i remember the dude talk bout the detector but i didnt know wtf he was talkin about lol. so i actually never learned how to use the detector untill in cordon base when i got the bear detector and it actually showed in my left hand. damnit. is there alot of artifact in the swamps?
8 years ago#4
there's about 5, but most of them are pretty weak and only sell for about 2k a pop, hardly worth the meds used to get them if you're still new to artifact finding
8 years ago#5

Picked up at least 4 artifacts from the swamps, but found 2 were inaccessible until I got a decent suit (SEVA) - also got jumped by a bloodsucker while trying to retrieve one from a particularly nasty anomaly! As I could sell them to Sidorovich for near full price so this provided some nice income. Have lost track of the number of artifact's picked up overall - found a couple in the Cordon, and some nice ones in Dark Valley and Garbage.

Yes, for each + radiation you have on an artifact you need an equivalent - radiation on an anti radiation artifact to wear it, or it will kill you. Currently running with a -4 radiation artifact (Wrenched irc), one Mama's Beads (+20 vs bleeding, +2 radiation) and one Soul (+2 health regeneration, +2 radiation) - works rather well.

8 years ago#6
Im in Garbage and have yet to find a single artifact....
8 years ago#7
Noob ;/ Any time you see an artifact field, pull out the detector and run near, listen for beeping...then you know if there's an artifact in there.
The first artifact in the game you get before you can equip it, which is in the anomolies far left of where you start the game in the swamps.
8 years ago#8
I just assumed it would be like in the first game and just be laying on the ground or given to you for completing quests. Like lame they make you do some extra BS for it but, oh well.
8 years ago#9

KamelR3d posted...
Im in Garbage and have yet to find a single artifact....

If you really want to find to find some artifacts it's worth getting the improved scanner that becomes available in the Cordon - this has a longer range than the starter one and actually shows the direction of the artifact. Think I got one for free as a welcome gift when I joined the Stalker faction.

Everytime I notice a group of anomalies, I always get out the scanner (if there are no hostiles around and I'm not in a hurry) - so far have been pleasantly surprised at the number of times it's lit up.


Can't remember exactly where I found all the artifacts, but do remember that in the Swamps one is actually where you start one of the first missions, one in area that's giving off a visible gas effect, one in the burnt farmhouse (where I also found a bloodsucker!) and a couple in an area with electricity fields.

There are some specific locations given in the link below, but not sure if the locations might change.

8 years ago#10


Also found a couple of decent ones (worth 6000 r each irc) in the depot in the Garbage after clearing out the bandits - these were just in a box in a room, so no detector was needed here!

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