Anyone still play this game?

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8 years ago#1
I got this game a few days ago after I noticed the price drop and the fact that the game has online multiplayer. However, it seems as if no one is ever on. More so, it seems as if this board is not very active.

I've only played the game for a few hours, but that's just because the controls are very awkward and I got tired of turning right into a wall every time a curve came up. I noticed other racing games on the Wii had alternate controls, but it appears as if this one doesn't, which is disappointing. Because I can't return the game, I was hoping there would be enough interest in the title to spark some online play, but I suppose not.

Does anyone still play this game regularly? And has anyone earned a gold for all of the events yet?
8 years ago#2

I have just picked this up friday and would be interested in playing it online.
I am free anytime.So just post a time and I should make it.

Here is my friend code

8 years ago#3
I just picked up this game. I am enjoying it, and I would like to try the online play.

My MSN Messenger is:
My AIM is: flsomerv

Send an e-mail to my hotmail address if you are interested in racing. We can set something up that way.
RTFM and go from there...
8 years ago#4
I am an NTSC gamer, by the way.
RTFM and go from there...
8 years ago#5

Take a look at this video. There are some really cool tricks with the controls. this should make it much easier to play.

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