Nerfed Version?

#1FrostMage82Posted 3/7/2012 12:56:58 PM
I don't know if anyone still frequents these boards, but wow this version of the game is definitely nerfed compared to the descriptions of the DS/PSP versions. Runes do less, skills cost more, there's a cap on the number of points that can be purchased, Bane is harder, etc...

Basically, this version of the game is awesome and actually balanced. I still eventually got to the point where my characters were annihilating everything in sight, but it took a lot more work and very different strategies compared to what the guides for the other versions recommend.

That said, I'm glad I got the game! I grabbed it off of Amazon a couple weeks ago for $5 because I was buying a $20 book and needed to get something small to get to free shipping. This is seriously awesome. How dead is this board? Heh.
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