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8 years ago#1
For I don't know what reason, my game ended 7-6
And I saved the game already.
How can I carry on the story to Chapter 8?
Is there a way?
8 years ago#2

The best you can do is do a new game+ (Just save after beating it), and don't kill allies/capture monsters.
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8 years ago#3
When you say New Game+
Is it playing the saved game through again?
I'm at the Cycle 2 as it says in the Saved Data.
8 years ago#4
Yes. Cycle 2+ is the same as a New Game+.
Etna in the Dumpster with a Prinny!
Yay! I win Disgaea Clue!
8 years ago#5
Thank you!
8 years ago#6
In other words, you got one of the endings, but keep in mind that only two endings actually lead to post game.
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8 years ago#7
but no matter. It will be easy pickings to get back where you were anyway with new game plus. You keep everything except story characters, who keep everything they had at the end of the first game upon rejoining anyway. All your levels, normal characters, items, money, etc.
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