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7 years ago#1
How exactly do the Teacher Innocents work? I heard there's an Innocent Town event of some sort and that they boost other Innocents, but I have yet to see one? Also, where is a good place to get Teachers (example: Dual Beaks can be bought for Managers), and are Teachers a good way to get Statisticians and Managers boosted up?

I'm trying to get a bunch of Statisticians and could always use more Managers (only got 6 sets of 300), but I haven't beaten the 10 (Ladies and) Gentlemen (or was it extra maps?) to get a Puppy Paw Stick, and I hate level grinding to the kinds of levels I'd need to grind to in order to steal a PPS from Shamans in Axel's extra stage (especially with a Thief, "GAK GAK!") .

Also, how do the Collectors work? Where do I get them (please don't say Reverse Pirating... What a nightmare that is without making a career out of level grinding)?
7 years ago#2
Teachers are found randomly on rare and legendary items (any type) as far as I know.

If you put Teacher on an item with another innocent there is a chance that when you go to a innocent town they will have an event that boosts the level of the other innocent, I do not know the % sorry.

An event in an innocent town will usually be marked by having the two innocents standing near each other with an (!) over the head of the teacher.

Collectors are only found from item world events as far as i can remember, so to get one you will need to go in to an item that has open slots for innocents in it and get to a level (30+ I think) that has a tower of grey blocks that when passed over say you need (insert number) of people to activate the event.

Item world events rewards are random so you could get a level sphere, or a mystery gate or if your item has open spaces a random innocent could show up. One of those random innocents is the collector but it could also be any other innocent found via RPing.

I hope this helps if you are still not clear on something please ask and I will try to be more clear on what I mean.
7 years ago#3
I forgot to say as far as I know Collectors increase the rarity number of your item by the level of the collector for as long as they are on the item.

So say you have a rarity 3 item and you put a level 1 collector on it, this would make the item a rarity 4 item.

Why you would want this is if item have a matching rarity they get a bonus in stats so if you had a rarity 3 sword but all your armor was rarity 4 by putting a collector on your sword you could get a bonus from your equipment for all the pieces with matching rarity.

This is mostly useless if you make sure that the rarities of all your best equipment match without collectors, which you should do when trying to make perfect equipment.
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