Minimum Turns List *MAJOR SPOILERS*

#1UnnamedNoobiePosted 2/4/2009 6:08:38 AM
Okay, I've played through the game 3 times now and i think i've managed to complete every mission in the minimum number of turns possible. Although it's not a 100% definitive list, i've yet to see a list like this so i thought i would start one. I highly recommend NOT to aim for these minimums until you've played through the game atleast once at your own pace or else you'll take much of your own enjoyment of the game. Hence why i put *MAJOR SPOILERS* in the title to deter people who haven't finished the game yet. It really is a great game that should be enjoyed properly first. This list is a STRICTLY POST-GAME list and i can only garuntee that these are only possible with everything maxed out; max levels, best weapons and upgrades, all orders etc and sometimes abit of luck. Needless to say, all these minimums give you the highest rank possible for each mission (A rank for US and EU versions or S rank for JP version).

Prologue : 1 turn
Chapter 1 : 2 turns
Chapter 2 : 3 turns
Chapter 3 : 1 turn
Chapter 4 : 1 turn
Chapter 5 : 1 turn
Chapter 6 : 1 turn
Chapter 7 : 4 turns
Chapter 8a : 4 turns
Chapter 8b : 1 turn
Chapter 9 : 1 turn
Chapter 10a : 3 turns
Chapter 10b : 1 turn
Chapter 11 : 1 turn
Chapter 12 : 1 turn
Chapter 13 : 1 turn
Chapter 14 : 3 turns
Chapter 15a : 1 turn
Chapter 15b : 1 turn
Chapter 16 : 8 turns
Chapter 17 : 1 turn
Chapter 18a : 1 turn
Chapter 18b : 1 turn

Largo's Passion : 1 turn
Signs of Awakening : 1 turn
What Lies Beyond Hate : 1 turn
War Without Weapons : 3 turns
Flower of the Battlefield : 3 turns

All Skirmishes can be done in 1 turn on any difficulty.

Please let me know if you manage to do any of the missions faster than the list above. I'll post screenshots of my statistics tab later when i figure out how to do it. =)
#2BusardPosted 2/4/2009 6:20:26 AM
Chapter 14 can be done in 1 turn and War Without Weapons in 2 turns.
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wow really? war without weapons looks like it could be possible i guess, ill try it again later. But i tried so hard to do 14 in even 2 turns and couldn't even get close >_< how on earth did you manage to do it? =O
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I did it so many times when farming my flamethrowers, you just need to know where the enemies are and use troopers with ultimate damage to counter the attack down status.

Oh and I just did Flower of the Battlefield in 2 turns also.
#5BusardPosted 2/4/2009 7:40:21 AM
Found it:

Chapter 14 in 1-turn spoiler below:

marathonfool Posted 1/19/2009 4:01:40 PM
Chapter 14 in one-turn is pretty hard.
Need Aika with Awaken Potential, Penetration, and Damage Boost. You'll also need to use the A20 rifle. Basically Aika needs to capture the base with Double Movement. After you capture it, head toward the north tank. You'll run out of AP at the hill and need to shoot at the tank to damage it little. That will be very important. Then you need to run and get to the back of the tank with Double Movement. You should be able to destroy it with 2 CPs left. Then use Audrey with her Ultimate Anti Armor potential to blast the South Tank a couple of times.
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managed to do war without weapons in 2, abit tricky at first but had a few cp to spare at the end of it so i guess it wasn't too bad. I could've sworn i tried an aika run to the tank before but couldn't kill it =S oh well, really quite happy about being able to get that mission down to 1 turn now =D

now just working on flower of the battlefield... when i did it, it was still quite tight getting it to 3 turns, i think getting it to 2 might require my units to kill alot of theirs through interception fire.
#7BusardPosted 2/4/2009 2:52:40 PM
now just working on flower of the battlefield... when i did it, it was still quite tight getting it to 3 turns, i think getting it to 2 might require my units to kill alot of theirs through interception fire.

When I did it this afternoon, I killed 3 of them on the enemy turn and it was with counter-attacks each time.
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Chapter 7 in 4 turns? o_O

I've been off the Forums for a while, who managed to find that out?
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That one was very hard but somehow I managed to do it:

Chapter 7 in 4 turns?
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omg busard O_O how the heck?! you never cease to amaze me lol nice one!!! only a matter of time before you do everything in 1 turn lol