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I got no use for tears! (Archived)Is_Corrupted38/19/2013
Isn't it a bit silly how in this game, everybody is on a first name basis? (Archived)slk_2378/19/2013
Audience Hall equipment (Archived)rickets98778/17/2013
Worth getting if I'm currently playing the second one? (Archived)lillan296748/10/2013
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Maximilian. *Spoilers* (Archived)
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New Game+ (Archived)Revolver_Raven88/2/2013
My turn, okay? (Archived)
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I'm very disapointed that this game doesnt have trophies. (Archived)Cdr_Shepard_N787/29/2013
what is this game like? (Archived)LeonHeart06837/23/2013
Need help using save resigner, and instructions for creating a level. (Archived)Swing80s27/17/2013
Using Save Resigner to transfer PSP ISO to Vita? (Archived)Swing80s27/17/2013
So I bought a PS3 almost just for this... (Archived)123pizza257/17/2013
OPRainfall: Vote to Localize VC3 or other Sega and Konami titles (Archived)Greenhowse37/16/2013
Vote for Welkin! (Archived)
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Valkyria Chronicles 4 - Do you think there will be one? (Poll)Swing80s87/13/2013
Flower of the Battlefield is so crap. Tips, exploits, something, ANYTHING! (Archived)CremFreche77/9/2013
Trying to keep Valkyria Chronicles Alive (Archived)linktrigger57/9/2013