Cellphone has no sound or subs and turret is weaker than guns??

#1gamesterfreakPosted 8/14/2012 5:23:31 PM
A lot of times when I answer a call there will be no sound or subtitles. Nothing happens. The phone doesn't get put away unless I press the phone key again. Why does it do this? It is so annoying and I end up restarting a save point just so I can hear what was said. I know it's not necessary to listen to the voice because my objective gets updated but it breaks the immersion. I have the latest 1.03 patch.

Also the turrets in this game are frickin weak. Weaker than your guns. It takes forever to kill someone, especially if you're at a distance. You end up getting super close and then have to take damage. Of course you take damage either way because the enemies have eagle vision and automatic aim and the longer you take to kill them the more hits they get in.

But anyways is there a way to fix the phone problem? If I close and restart the game that fixes it usually but I don't want to have to keep doing that.