IGN gives Wii version a 8.0

#1ThrillwellPosted 2/29/2008 6:57:46 PM
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#2dcamp27Posted 2/29/2008 6:58:27 PM
I'm sold on this game now.
#3ArmorWolf01Posted 3/3/2008 4:24:25 PM
Time to buy? YES!
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#4suavemikePosted 3/5/2008 8:03:17 AM
I actually thought this was kinda low. I expected 8.8 or 8.9
#5mjc0961Posted 3/5/2008 8:17:35 AM
I couldn't care less what IGN thinks.
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#6spec0688Posted 3/5/2008 9:00:26 PM
well it got a 8.9 on ps2, so the reason behind a 8 is because this is nothing but a port from the ps2 with few minor updates,nothing major

graphics are the same except for some glare/shadows , so thats the reason behind that
#7Cornman89Posted 3/6/2008 6:01:26 PM
Yeah. With ports, most reviewers operate under the assumption that everyone has EVERY system, and has thus already played the game. So a straight port, with minor changes, will rarely score as high as its predecessor.

Still, 8.0 indicates a pretty kickass game.
Worth getting, no question.
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