Uhh.....16 and up ?

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9 years ago#1

I tell no lie.
9 years ago#2

Guys hate me because of my last sig 0_o (dont ask)//wii:6160028537932611-Ssnake93//
//GT: Renedinator (i know, stupid name -_-)
9 years ago#3
Actually, Windows Media Maker.

"...Send in the tanks...I don't care what happens...Just get those kids!..." - Captain Onishima, Jet Grind Radio
"I swear mentioning Ninja Turtles is like the bat signal for Sor Eddie." - dj kornphlake
9 years ago#4
Who cares? It's not like you now won't be able to buy it...
9 years ago#5

Silly Yanks.

That's the PEGI rating for the game, the european rating system.

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