DudE !?

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User Info: fattony75

9 years ago#1

I didnt know this was coming to 360. Wow that came right outta left field. Looks like a fun game and I'm looking forward to it :)

User Info: PacificCircle

9 years ago#2
Me 2 guna b rely col gam
GT: PacificCircle

User Info: HDCase

9 years ago#3
^ Was that supposed to be english?

Yeah I'd heard about this coming out last Fall. I'm pretty excited about it. $50 is not a bad price either.
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User Info: jeff003

9 years ago#4
I already have this game paid off.Because gamestop made a mistake and said I didn't pick up a previous preoreder which I did they gave me a $58 gift card.I've already preordered this so what I have left on my card I'll apply it toward the strategy guide.Yes there is one coming out for this game February 25th.

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