New Trailer Running On 360 Hardware

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I'm glad they're remaking this as I missed out on it on the PS2 (as I got a 360, therefore I couldn't go back to games from a previous generation - aside from the Final Fantasy series). Plus they're not just porting it over but actually improving the graphics, and adding achievements in, therefore an instant purchase for me.
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I played this on the PS2 version. Seeing the trailer, I notice the improvments in the graphics. I'm getting this for the XBOX360.

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I wasn't able to watch it.Did it show any of the new missions and also did it show any new characters in it?
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No, it's a rehash of an older trailer pretty much, just running on 360 graphics.
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The showed Jimmy playing quarterback didn't they? I don't remember that being in the original Bully, but it has been a while...
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looks good
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so can u actually skateboard when u want
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Yeah, whenever.

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