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9 years ago#1
Jimmy got rejected!
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9 years ago#2
hey thanks
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9 years ago#3
Well looking at that trailer it looks like Jimmy gets to kiss a teacher.She must be the new music teacher they was talking about on ign.I was hoping he could kiss older women.I also noticed some new moves like that slap he gave to Trent.You couldn't do that in the ps2 version.
9 years ago#4
That wasn't a new teacher. That was the art teacher. and she was in love with anothe teacher. Although jimmy thought he was gonna go on a date with her too.
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9 years ago#5
Man Jimmy's balls are going to hurt
9 years ago#6
Rofl at all the knees to the balls XD
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9 years ago#7
is this even legal lol
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