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8 years ago#11
i cant seem to find that last mission, in the townie area after 7? theres nothing there and im at 75 missions
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8 years ago#12
It should be around the last area, where all the trailers and shacks are. If you dont see it you can try rebooting and waiting around until the star appears.
8 years ago#13
somehow i turned off the star under the "available tasks" menu.

found it, last one.
XBL GT - athreatonmyown
8 years ago#14
Good work, Ventis!
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8 years ago#15
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8 years ago#16
You need to fail FIVE classes, not three, to get the Dunce Cap.
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8 years ago#17
Ah my bad, it is 5 classes for the dunce cap.
8 years ago#18
sticky this, most definitely.
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8 years ago#19
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8 years ago#20
yep, tracking this posting
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