Just got 100% and here is how

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I pretty much stopped playing once I got 100% and 1000'd it.

The only reason I still have the game is if i went to sell it my girlfriend would kick my ass.
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endless summer right now and i have 75 missions completed, including the collector and mailbox armageddon, and i thought i should have the achievement. does anyone know of any missions that dissappear during endless summer? also, how do you complete small offences? i think i did but i'm not sure.
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I've done everything, got [25/25 gnomes,6/6 transistors, 75/75 rubber bands, 40/40 g&g cards, 27/27 pumpkins, 19/19 graves, 40/40 Room trophies, 5/5 save points] 76 missions completed, traveled over 100 for bike an foot, also traveled over 50km for skateboard, i have ALL ninja suits [black, red, green] Made a "tag" for nerd, preppies, jocks, and greasers, completed all lawn mowing and paper route, Drank over 500 sodas [got the hat] also pulled the fire alarm [got firefighter hat], found the pirate but I beat him up, idk if that has anything to do with it. I have basically all the achievements except the perfectionist one. Only thing is, I have 331 clothing and I see some people said they have 333 or 334 clothing items, I got all items from the shopping stores including circus tent an school shop... I'm really confused I've done everything and I'm at 99.15% also I've done 40 errands!!! Someone please help me on this, I'm really starting to get sick of bully an I just want to get all achievements before I move on.
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xjunkyardx posted...
for people looking for errands.

save your game.
restart your xbox..
soon as you load up TRAVEL TO A DIFFERENT PART OF TOWN, to look for errands.

this is what helped me find the last few i needed.
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i got 100% in bully if anyone wants some help on it just message me on xbox my gamertag is "XSikorskiBombX
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Got 334 clothes and done everything I can think of, about 40 errands.

Reading the topic it appears that 100% comes at a different time for every damn person. That's a ***** cos I'm on 99.29 :(
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I was missing the last boxing match! Silly me.
My real name is Jacob Mills, my gamertag is Eggerslolol, which is also my Steam username. I am also looking for work if anyone needs a blond guy. ;)
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I just got 100% with 39/40 room trophys, 330 pieces of clothing, and 33 errands completed. I was kinda just going threw the motions, I didn't think I would be able to get it. Obviously there is much more 100% in this game, too bad we don't know exactly what adds the percentage.
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if anyone is stuck on the last percent, here's what i did to get to 100:

i had all of the requirements and could not figure out what to do. finally, i redid the lawn mowing job 3 at the house and it gave me the final amount i needed for 100%.

not sure if this will work for you, but it did for me. i spent 6 days trying to figure this out!
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