Just got 100% and here is how

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which barber shop for the punk clothes?
#182Paramore289Posted 7/4/2009 4:23:10 AMmessage detail
the one in new coventry.

thanks for this - helped alot! finally completed this game today *does victory dance!*
easy game to get 1000/1000 and doesn't take that long to complete with this either.
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Just got 100% this morning, now I'm 1000/1000 for this game (yay!).

If you get stuck around 97% try redoing the boxing matches, for me the game didn't register the precentage for them the first time I did them. After that you may be just short of 100% (somewhere around 99.8) so do a few errands or try playing the carnival games again.

Good luck all.

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Can't believe it. After all this time looking i go and win a game of Baseball at the carnival and i get 100%. 46 errands later.

Achievement didn't pop up though, so i've just saved and restarted. Fingers crossed...
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Currently Playing: Bully, UFC Undisputed, L4D, and COD4
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I am in the same boat - I didn't start collecting yearbook photos until chapter 5 and Eunice doesn't appear to be a character in the game anymore. I'm hoping she will appear in chapter 6 - the endless summer mode :(

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yay, I don't know if you ever look at this thread anymore but I just wanted to say thanks. Just got 100% completion earlier today!
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Hi everybody; I dont even know if anybody will still be reading this after so much time!

I played Bully ages ago, but never bothered to try and get the 100% achievement until this week (bored with too much time off over xmas with no new games).After such a long time it was REALLY hard to remember what I had and had not done; Errands-wise I had completed 42 of 50 after using the "save/power cycle/reload/relocate to new area" trick, I have to thank who-ever figured that out in the first place, you are a genius!

Anyway; I was stuck on 98.12% after having done EVERYTHING else...spent at least 12 hours running around looking for more errands, no matter what I did, no more appeared! I caved in and consulted the oracle (gamefaqs) and someone on this thread had said, "Don't forget to complete the boxing challenges, even if you have completed the GYM mission through playing the game"

Lo and behold; this was what was costing me the final 1.88%, after completing all 4 levels 100% Complete Achievement Unlocked!!

**P.S The boxing challenge does only appear; from 15:30 to 23:00 at the gym in Old Bullworth Vale**
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how come u guys have 334 clothing items??? i have only 242 and have no idea ow to get more!! i did everything what is in the 100% list, and i still got only 98.36%
43 erands completed... any ideas what should i do?
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i got it!! for everyone who's stuck in game progress!! try to buy clothes in New Coventry, it's inside the shop where you get the haircut... above the Yum Yum Market or smth...
i'm pretty much sure that most of ppl which have about 97-99% game progress didn't know that there's a cloth store in New Coventry
try that :)