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4 years ago#201
What the what
SuperNiceDog bested myself and all others to become Guru Champion!
Your favorite Trapper's favorite Trapper
4 years ago#202
I was stuck 98.54% and I did everything on the list. I did 3 boxing matches, which got me 100%. You need to win 8 matches in boxing.
1 year ago#203
I bought this game recently cause it went on sale for $3.00 on the marketplace. I only had 675 GS in this and knew one day I might pick this game up and get the rest of the achievements.

As soon as I booted up my old save I did not recognize anything. The controls. The characters. Nothing. I restarted my game while at 80-something%.

As I saved for the first time I realized my last save was in 2008 which felt odd. The last time j played this game was 7 years ago when the first comments about reaching 100% were at a fever pitch.

Anyways. I'm stuck at 98% at the moment but in sure with a few little guides here and there that I'll reach my destination.

I hope everyone that has trouble with this game and reaching 100% ultimately found their way there.
6 months ago#204
I haven't said anything in eight years. Today's as good a day as any.

Dear Rockstar,

Bully 2 Pls.
3 months ago#205
Super Squirrel posted...
Anyone else noticed that next month this topic will be a year old?

Time flies eh?

You're not wrong there.

Things that happened since starting this topic - I graduated University, got a job, got married, got a house, got a PS4, got Bully (PS2 Classic), got stuck trying to 100%, remembered I made this topic...
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