Just got 100% and here is how

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Can anyone please tell me how to get the Room Trophies cause i dont know any certain thing to do to be able to get them. Thanks for the help =D

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heya dude, can you tell me precisly where to gravestones are, i cant seem to find them
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I'm at 99.74%, have every achievement except for Perfectionist, but am missing two trophies (38/40). Any ideas what these could be?
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I think it might be required to get the top score in the three arcade games for 100% because you get free arcade games after that.
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I can't get the boxing side mission to show up? Is it somewhere other than the obvious boxing gym?
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^ It should show up eventually, that happened to me.
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Posted 3/12/2008 1:17:16 AM
For people looking for errands.

Save your game.
Restart your xbox..
Soon as you load up TRAVEL TO A DIFFERENT PART OF TOWN, to look for errands.

This is what helped me find the last few i needed.

This is tested, and working.

It also seems to help trigger events you might be having trouble with.

*The pirate wasn't appearing on the island, but after saving and shutting down, then came back and he was there.*
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Im at 98.89 Any help? :D