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8 years ago#51
Im at 99.06 :(
8 years ago#52
Dammit, 99.9%.
8 years ago#53
This sucks. I did 41 errands and only at 99.06
8 years ago#54
UGH!! 36 Errands done....at 97.71....

At this rate..I would need to do about 60 more errands...I really hope the boxing side task opens for me.,,,

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8 years ago#55
i am confirming that winning a bet on the midget wrestlers at the freak show DOES NOT add to your completion.
8 years ago#56
hey, i just got my 100%.

heres a few things i noticed:

the gold suit is all buyable clothes. from the aquaberry store, the punk store/barber shop, worn in, school store, and carnival. yes, carnival included.

after i got all 40 trophies (poster in the carnival is included in this) i had to return to the dorm to update it and get credit.

the boxing matches arent accessible till a certain time of day. i want to say 7, but im not sure. all i know is i stood next to the boxing ring for a few minutes while looking at the computer, and when i looked back the blue ring was on the gound.

after i got all of the stuff on thelist, i had to do 6 more errands for a total of 38. they were giving me .04% a piece. when i did the last one, i was at 99.98%, so the OP must have done something along the line different from me to get an additional .02% and skip an errand. :D

hope i helped.
8 years ago#57
How are you even getting 100% when I done 42 errands and everything else? Im at 99.10
8 years ago#58
everyone that has done at least 38 errands and all things and nothave 100% iguess u are really missing something i did everything and 32 errends and had 99.86 % i did 4 errands and Achievement Unlocked easy as that..
8 years ago#59
For sharp dressed man does it say 250 in Clothing Items Acquired? Because mine says 309 and I stil havent got the achievement.
8 years ago#60
In the Sharp Dressed man achievement does it say 250 in the Clothing Items Acquired? Because mine says 309 and I still havent got it.
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