Still hoping for a sequel...

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4 years ago#11
I'm pretty certain we will, at some point.
R* Knows we want it
i like pie.
number of other users that like pie: 60.
4 years ago#12
Was playing it today, this running off of modern engine, with modern graphics.

4 years ago#13
4 years ago#14
Number Two
Number Two
Number Two
Number Two
Number Two
Number Two
4 years ago#15
Apparently it hasn't been forgotten by R*.

Maybe this will be the next thing after GTA V
4 years ago#16
You start the game in a downtown Detroit orphanage. You're parents have just died and soon you will be of the age to be on your own. Until then you have a few things you have to do and learn. You get sent to live with your nagging usually drunk or drugged grandma in a suburb trailer park. She makes you do odd jobs like go to the store for bear (while obviously there will be thugs hanging out), pick up her meds, and other basic stuff. The suburbs are open to explore and have an array of tools to use, things to collect, etc. There's also a large mall. Grandma sends you to school everyday of course.

Then at 1/3rd of the game you get expelled, your grandma was accidentally killed during a break in while you were away (on a mission) and you have no alibi so you're sent to a correctional facility. You work your way through it, learning a lot of skills and gaining rank. Eventually you've done your time and you're of age so you're set free.

At 2/3rds of the game and for the rest of it you're back in the city, you can travel to the suburbs or visit your old friends at the corrections office. You get a small apartment of your own and choose a job or two. You've decided to start taking classes because you can't get a really good job without a degree. Upon enrollment you get a tablet pc you can use to connect to the internet, do searches, send messages to other players, manage your classes and jobs, review stats, play music on headphones, etc. You're going to college and you've started managing you're life. You can date chicks at this point and eventually marry them. Earn degrees to get better jobs to make more money to buy the dream houses and all that etc etc.

Lots of comedy and definitely darker themes than the original.
4 years ago#17
There are pet stores in the suburbs and downtown. In the suburbs you can buy tanks for your room. You can fill them with water and buy fish to go in them but you'll have to feed them and clean it to keep them alive. You can put sand in a tank and buy a bag of ants. You can also throw the bag of ants at people, plant them in someone's house or mailbox, put them in a someone's car, etc. You can also get lizards, iguanas, scorpions, or a turtle. In downtown (later in the game) you can buy cats or birds (non-harmable for inside your house only), dogs (you can take for walks and train to attack people), snakes, and much bigger fish (depending on the size of your house and containment tank). Eventually you'll be able to have things like sharks and stingrays at your mansion.

Oh and when you're grandma dies, her place is taken by the state. You can buy that back later. And you can rent out your properties to make income but you'll have to do repairs on them from time to time or you could hire someone to do the repairs.

There is drinking, smoking, and drugs in the game because that's life. If you do them they effect you in some way. Like if you smoke you won't be able to run as far as fast, people won't like it when you light up in public, and things like that. Drinking with people socially is okay but you can also get flat hammered drunk if you want. If you drink too much it will also effect your health in some negative ways. If you do drugs you will automatically deceive negative stats in any classes you take, 3 days will advance when you do them and anything you had planned for those days (like classes or jobs) are lost. But you could do them on a Friday without much problems if you really wanted to.

The college classes should actually be difficult. None of that "press B, rotate the right stick, press Y" mini-game stuff. You can join a frat, get hazed, haze others (when new recruits enter at year two), you can join a sports team, even table tennis, and studying in the library increases class stats. There will be big parties on the weekends with friends where you can get chicks or whatever. And you can get a place to live in a dorm if you want. You'll have to balance the fun with the work.

Also, at the beginning of the game you can choose your nationality and create your own character in some ways. Bethesda (even Saints Row) have always been great with that and it's past time that Rockstar gives us the ability to choose who we are.
4 years ago#18
^^^^^^ fake? i only read the first two paragraphs didn't want spoilers in case it was real
4 years ago#19
From: NFL_Draft | #018
^^^^^^ fake? i only read the first two paragraphs didn't want spoilers in case it was real

I imagine that is what he would like to see.
4 years ago#20
NFL_Draft posted...
^^^^^^ fake? i only read the first two paragraphs didn't want spoilers in case it was real

It's not real. I was just throwing ideas.
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