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8 years ago#1
This is it! The complete evolution chart. A big thanks goes to everyone who participated in the other two topics for without them,this wouldn't be made.Now,without further ado:
| Plant |
Filifolia (Earth) Lv.14 => Caerurea (Earth) Lv.25 => Treant (Earth) Lv.35 +
Statue (Ground Breaker) => Mandocello (Earth)
Filifolia (Earth) Lv.14 => Caerurea (Earth) Lv.28 => Orcrot (Earth)

Fungus (Darkness) Lv.13 => Marcoid (Ice) Lv.24 => Stinkhorn (Ice)
Fungus (Darkness) Lv.23 => Toadstool (Darkness) Lv.40 + Statue (Ground Breaker)
=> Vaudeville (Darkness)

Etheliana (Wind) Lv.13 => Shallow Grave (Earth) Lv.25 => Truncata (Earth) Lv.35
+ Statue (Ground Breaker) => Dionaea (Earth)
Etheliana (Wind) Lv.20 => Garcilis (Wind)

Mandragora (Earth) Lv.14 => Alarune (Darkness) Lv.20 => Korigan (Earth) Lv.28 +
Statue (Ground Breaker) => Lailah (Light)
Mandragora (Earth) Lv.14 => Alarune (Darkness) Lv.20 => Puck (Wind)
Mandragora (Earth) Lv.24 => Hamadryad (Earth)

| Beast |
Wolf (Fire) Lv.10 => Black Wolf (Darkness) Lv.26 => Fenrir (Ice)
Wolf (Fire) Lv.22 => Hell Hound (Fire) Lv.25 => Cerberus(Fire)
Wolf (Fire) Lv.24 => Padfoot (Light) Lv.30 + Statue (Feral Shadow) => Orion

Bear (Fire) Lv.20 => Grisley (Fire) Lv.25 => Cave Bear (Ice) Lv.30 + Statue
(Feral Shadow) => Galf Beast (Lightning)
Bear (Fire) Lv.20 => Grisley (Fire) Lv.25 => Were Bear (Fire) Lv.48 => Wolf
Heddin (Ice)

Wild Rabbit (Earth) Lv.12 => Cotton Tail (Earth) Lv.21 => Carbuncle (Fire)
Wild Rabbit (Earth) Lv.18 + Statue (Feral Shadow) => Peallaidh (Light) Lv.30 +
Statue (Feral Shadow) => Gunna (Fire)
Wild Rabbit (Earth) Lv.24 => Vorpal Bunny (Darkness) Lv.36 + Statue (Feral
Shadow) => Miscasa (Light)

Ogre (Fire) Lv.12 => Red Ogre (Fire) Lv.40 + Statue (Feral Shadow) => Titan
Ogre (Fire) Lv.20 => Yeti (Ice) Lv.23 => Firbolg (Ice)

Serpent (Fire) Lv.12 => Lizard (Water) Lv.23 => Salamander (Fire)
Serpent (Fire) Lv.12 => Lizard (Water) Lv.28 => Basilik (Earth)
Serpent (Fire) Lv.22 => Viper (Lightning) Lv.27 + Statue (Feral Shadow) => Kosh

Chimera (Fire) Lv.15 => Manitcore (Fire) Lv.26 => Sphinx (Wind)
Chimera (Fire) Lv.21 => Griffin (Wind) Lv.38 + Statue (Feral Shadow) =>
Hippogryph (Darkness)

Kitty Kat (Darkness)

| Insect |
Bumble Bee (Wind) Lv.14 => Killer Bee (Wind) Lv.27 => Hornet (Wind)
Bumble Bee (Wind) Lv.14 => Killer Bee (Wind) Lv.27 + Edge Walker => Queen

Scorpion (Earth) Lv.12 => Antares (Darkness) Lv.28 => Girtablili (Ice)
Scorpion (Earth) Lv.17 => Killer Mantis (Wind) Lv.25 => Lumber Jack (Wind)
Lv.45 + Statue (Edge Walker) => Popsickle (Lightning)

Crawler (Earth) Lv.16 => Embryo (Lightning) Lv.22 => Habetrot (Light)
Crawler (Earth) Lv.20 => Caterpillar (Earth) Lv.34 + Statue (Edge Walker) =>
Neurotica (Earth)

Stone Eater (Earth) Lv.13 => Rock Eater (Earth) Lv.23 => Earth Eater (Darkness)
Stone Eater (Earth) Lv.22 Island Worm (Water) Lv.33 + Statue (Edge Walker) =>
Mia Culpa (Wind)

Spider (Earth) Lv.14 => Tarantula (Earth) Lv.24 => Arachne (Lightning)
Spider (Earth) Lv.14 => Tarantula (Earth) Lv.26 + Statue (Edge Walker) =>
Simoriah (Fire)
Spider (Earth) Lv.26 => Pit Spider (Darkness)
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8 years ago#2
| Bird |
Chirpee (Wind) Lv.15 => Jabber (Fire)
Chirpee (Wind) Lv.20 => Peepit (Ice)
Chirpee (Wind) Lv.20 => Raven (Wind) Lv.24 => Phoenix (Fire)
Chirpee (Wind) Lv.20 => Raven (Wind) Lv.24 => Simurgh (Wind)
Chirpee (Wind) Lv.20 => Raven (Wind) Lv.40 + Statue (Arcanum Wings) =>
Izimbra (Lightning)

Axe Beak (Wind) Lv.20 => Aepyornis (Wind) Lv.20 => Cocatrice (Earth)
Axe Beak (Wind) Lv.20 => Aepyornis (Wind) Lv.30 => Roc (Wind)
Axe Beak (Wind) Lv.20 => Aepyornis (Wind) Lv.30 + Statue (Arcanum Wing) =>
Moon Rocks (Wind)
Axe Beak (Wind) Lv.24 => Dodo (Earth)

Harpy (Wind) Lv.16 => Furie (Wind) Lv.26 + Statue (Arcanum Wing) => Aello
Harpy (Wind) Lv.16 => Furie (Wind) Lv.35 + Statue (Arcanum Wing) => Fenia
Harpy (Wind) Lv.23 => Siren (Water)

Black Bat (Wind) Lv.12 => Light Wing (Wind) Lv.30 + Statue (Arcanum Wings) =>
Dogma (Lightning)
Black Bat (Wind) Lv.22 => Were Bat (Wind) Lv.26 => Dire Bat (Wind)

| Aquatic |
Tortoise (Water) Lv.20 => Megalith (Earth)
Tortoise (Water) Lv.12 => Archelon (Ice) Lv.22 => Dark Steel (Darkness) Lv.42 +
Statue (Innocent Blood) => Aspidoceleon (Water)
Tortoise (Water) Lv.12 => Archelon (Ice) Lv.22 => Zaratan (Water)

Sea Monk (Water) Lv.14 => Sea Bishop (Water)
Sea Monk (Water) Lv.18 => Kraken (Water) Lv.32 => Charybdis (Ice)
Sea Monk (Water) Lv.18 => Kraken (Water) Lv.32 + Statue (Innocent Blood) =>
Lusca (Ice)

Killer Fish (Water) Lv.13 => Sea Hog (Water) Lv.18 => Orca (Water)
Killer Fish (Water) Lv.13 => Sea Hog (Water) Lv.28 + Statue (Innocent Blood) =>
Jasconius (Water)
Killer Fish (Water) Lv.21 => Remora (Water) Lv.23 => Echeines (Ice) Lv.30 +
Statue (Innocent Blood) => Barracuda (Darkness)

Merrow (Water) Lv.24 => Selkie (Water)
Merrow (Water) Lv.14 => Nixie (Water) Lv.28 => Nereis (Water) Lv.40 + Statue
(Innocent Blood) => Rusalka (Darkness)
Merrow (Water) Lv.14 => Nixie (Water) Lv.28 => Asrai (Ice)

Polwigle (Water) Lv.12 => Bullfrog (Water) Lv.23 => Oannes (Ice) Lv.32 + Statue
(Innocent Blood) => Heqet (Light)
Polwigle (Water) Lv.12 => Bullfrog (Water) Lv.30 => Baal (Fire)
Polwigle (Water) Lv.18 => Grindlylow (Ice)

| Free Form |
Slime (Ice) Lv.14 => Mousse (Ice) Lv.28 => Slime Mold (Darkness)
Slime (Ice) Lv.20 => Jelly (Ice) Lv.20 => Slime Mold (Darkness)
Slime (Ice) Lv.20 => Ooze (Water) Lv.30 + Statue (Damnation) => Ligeia
Slime (Ice) Lv.24 => Pudding (Ice) Lv.30 + Statue (Damnation) => Ligeia

Leech (Water) Lv.14 => Poison Leech (Water) Lv.26 => Leech King (Wind)
Leech (Water) Lv.23 => Blood Sucker (Water) Lv.26 + Statue (Damnation) => Blood
Bound (Fire)

Gamat (Water) Lv.16 => Blue Rose (Water)
Gamat (Water) Lv.16 => Anemone (Water) Lv.26 + Statue (Damnation) => Incoginto
Gamat (Water) Lv.16 => Anemone (Water) Lv.26 => Lunatisidhe (Water)

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8 years ago#3
| Demon |
Imp (Darkness)

Gremlin (Lightning) Lv.18 => Demon (Darkness) Lv.25 => ArchDemon (Ice) Lv.35 +
Statue (Lord of Chaos) => Vroom (Fire)
Gremlin (Lightning) Lv.22 => Pit Fiend (Earth) Lv.25 => Cacodemon (Lightning)
Gremlin (Lightning) Lv.22 => Pit Fiend (Earth) Lv.25 => Pied Piper (Wind)

Lamia (Earth) Lv.13 => Erinyes (Darkness)
Lamia (Earth) Lv.18 => Graeae (Earth) Lv.22 => Gorgon (Earth) Lv.45 + Statue
(Lord of Chaos) => Ruby Dear (Ice)
Lamia (Earth) Lv.18 => Graeae (Earth) Lv.28 => Echidna (Darkness)
Lamia (Earth) Lv.18 => Graeae (Earth) Lv.35 => Moirae (Lightning)

| Dragon |
Fire Drake (Fire) Lv.18 => Sea Wyvern (Water)
Fire Drake (Fire) Lv.22 => Wyvern (Lightning) Lv.26 => Vouivre (Ice)
Fire Drake (Fire) Lv.22 => Wyvern (Lightning) Lv.26 => Wyvern Lord (Lightning)
Lv.32 + Statue (Bright Flame) => Bakunawa (Light)
Fire Drake (Fire) Lv.22 => Wyvern (Lightning) Lv.34 + Statue (Bright Flame) =>
Ishrantu (Darkness)

Were Dragon (Fire) Lv.21 => Elder Dragon (Fire) Lv.23 => Tiamat (Ice) Lv.32 +
Statue (Bright Flame) => Blade Rex (Fire)
Were Dragon (Fire) Lv.21 => Shadow Dragon (Darkness) Lv.23 => Fafnir (Ice)
Were Dragon (Fire) Lv.21 => Wyrm (Earth) Lv.23 => Hydra (Water)
Were Dragon (Fire) Lv.21 => Wyrm (Earth) Lv.32 + Statue (Bright Flame) =>
Jormungandr (Wind)

| Ghost |
Zombie (Darkness) Lv.12 => Skeleton (Ice) Lv.25 => Cross Bone (Ice)
Zombie (Darkness) Lv.18 => Corpse (Darkness) Lv.26 => Ghoul (Darkness) Lv.32 +
Statue (Heart Warden) => Bastiage (Darkness)

Dullahan (Ice) Lv.15 => Night Stalker (Darkness) Lv.26 => Crusader (Light) Lv.
52 + Heart Warden => Sword Dancer (Fire)
Dullahan (Ice) Lv.20 => Dark Rider (Darkness) Lv.30 => Pale Rider (Ice)

Ghost (Ice) Lv.12 => Phantom (Darkness) Lv.20 => Wraith (Darkness)
Ghost (Ice) Lv.22 => Undertaker (Darkness) Lv.27 => Grave Digger (Earth)
Ghost (Ice) Lv.24 => Haunt (Darkness) Lv.24 => Banshee (Ice) Lv.45 + Statue
(Heart Warden) => Ravenous (Darkness)

| Magical Being |
Clay Golem (Earth) Lv.18 => Golem (Earth) Lv.18 => Mithril Golem (Lightning)
Lv.32 + Statue (Jihad) => Ice Titan (Ice)
Clay Golem (Earth) Lv.18 => Golem (Earth) Lv.25 => Talos (Lightning)
Clay Golem (Earth) Lv.18 => Rock Golem (Fire)

Poltergeist (Fire) Lv.22 => Living Sword (Lightning)
Poltergeist (Fire) Lv.24 => Machina (Lightning) Lv.26 => Mournblade (Darkness)
Poltergeist (Fire) Lv.24 => Machina (Lightning) Lv.42 + Statue (Jihad) =>
Made in Heaven (Light)

Automaton (Earth) Lv.15 => Colossus (Earth) Lv.25 => Goliath (Lightning)
Automaton (Earth) Lv.15 => Gargoyle (Wind) Lv.35 + Statue (Jihad) => Epitaph

Mimic (Fire) Lv.23 => Shape Shifter (Lightning) Lv.23 => Pandora (Darkness)
Mimic (Fire) Lv.23 => Shape Shifter (Lightning) Lv.23 + Statue (Jihad) => Jaw
Breaker (Wind)

Igniter (Fire)

Muzzler (Ice)

Enforcer (Earth)

Liberator (Light)

Thinker (Water)

Punisher (Dark)

Purger (Wind)

Awakener (Lightning)
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8 years ago#4
Also,here's a statue list. Credit goes to Junkie X for this.
| Statues *
Ground Breaker (Plant):
Tree Sap
Fragrant Wood
Philosopher's Stone
Quality Stone

Feral Shadow (Beast):
Ogre's Blood
Evil Eye
Philosopher's Stone
Quality Stone

Edge Walker (Insect):
Twisted Horn
Insect Fluid
Philosopher's Stone
Quality Stone

Arcanum Wings (Bird):
Chicken Bones
Harpy's Feather
Philosopher's Stone
Quality Stone

Innocent Blood (Aquatic):
Quality Shell
Philosopher's Stone
Quality Stone

Damnation (Free Form):
Monster Extract
Philosopher's Stone
Quality Stone

Lord of Chaos (Demon):
Demon's Horn
Hunting Horn
Philosopher's Stone
Quality Stone

Bright Flame (Dragon):
Dragon's Blood
Dragon's Anger
Philosopher's Stone
Quality Stone

Heart Warden (Ghost):
Bloody Cloth
Strong Bone
Philosopher's Stone
Quality Stone

Jihad (Magical Being):
Philosopher's Stone
Quality Stone

Okay,feel free to post!
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8 years ago#5
I think I'm in love
8 years ago#6
^XD Also,a sticky for this would be great everyone,so please request one!(Message Detail)
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8 years ago#7
So am I. *drool*
Thank you very much. =D
Now I just have to figure out how to make statues. =D
Game probably tells you, but I haven't started playing yet. XD;
8 years ago#8
Oh thank you so much Sticky this please XDD
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8 years ago#9
Should I post pics here of the monsters that evolve with a statue?
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8 years ago#10
Since actually useful topics tend to disappear under a wave of "HOW I EAIN SOFF OUR?" and "WHY DO LYLOD SOUND DIFFRENT?" topics, I am copy-pasting this now.
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