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Trailer music... (Archived)xrobinx6423/2/2008
Europe? (Archived)PlatinumRachet23/2/2008
ToS:KoR/DotNW Pre-Release FAQ 1.5 *Read Before Posting* (Archived)
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Decus? (Archived)
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Hopefully this place can pick up (Archived)Dagoldenclip243/1/2008
Finally it comes out in.......... (Archived)me22331183/1/2008
Yay, sequel! (Archived)Yopaz2133/1/2008
If 4kids dubbed the tales of symphonia anime (Archived)
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I don't think that April date is right (or at least not confirmed)... (Archived)Rpgmonkey33/1/2008
So if we get to use monsters, maybe we can use the Gold Dragon! (Archived)
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Will probably buy a Wii for this... (Archived)frumpton22/29/2008
Apparently those that want to import can now. (Archived)Rpgmonkey82/29/2008
The new wallpapers are in (Archived)choobiator92/29/2008
Wii Freeloader news (Archived)Delta12345678922/29/2008
Any info on playing as Monsters? (Archived)Armor King 10832/29/2008
This game needs Raine and Sheena cuddling in night gowns (Archived)
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If Surprise Encounters make a return... (Archived)Huff n puff 2032/28/2008
Tales of the World SEQUEL? (Archived)ilove4472/28/2008
Localization manager on original voice actors, voiced skits (Archived)
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I hope you can use a gamecube controller with this game. (Archived)
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