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Cancelled (Archived)_Kowalski_25/23/2010
Next episode looks hilarious (Archived)superhero94411/4/2009
Episode Discussion: Strange Attractors *spoilers* (Archived)impatientperson410/27/2009
Episode Discussion: Tabula Rasa *spoilers* (Archived)impatientperson110/19/2009
NBC looking to pull the plug :-s (Archived)Punishme410/15/2009
Episode Discussion: Hysterical Blindness *spoilers* (Archived)impatientperson610/14/2009
Episode Discussion: Acceptance *Spoilers* (Archived)impatientperson39/29/2009
Episode Discussion: Orientation (Vol 5 premiere) and Jump, Push, Fall *spoilers* (Archived)impatientperson19/22/2009
Volume 5 Season Premiere details (Archived)impatientperson29/21/2009
Heroes Marathon On G4. (Archived)impatientperson38/29/2009
Comic Con Heroes Season 4/Volume 5 info *spoilers* (Archived)
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New clip from Season 4/Volume 5 *spoilers* (Archived)impatientperson18/18/2009
Volume 3 and 4 Marathons on G4 (Archived)impatientperson17/28/2009
Favorite and Least Favorite Character of the Season *spoilers* (Archived)impatientperson36/18/2009
How Do You Think Sylar Will Eventually Meet His End? *spoilers* (Archived)impatientperson26/2/2009
motto (Archived)SiLVeR_42025/31/2009
Anyone know where I can watch season 3 free? (Archived)Mcchipzz25/22/2009
Episode Discussion: Cold Snap *Spoilers* (Archived)impatientperson105/4/2009
Heroes Discussion: What did you think of Volume 4? *spoilers* (Archived)impatientperson25/4/2009
Episode Discussion: An Invisible Thread (Season Finale) *spoilers* (Archived)impatientperson55/1/2009
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