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7 years ago#1
Prototype follows the story of Alex Mercer, a man stricken with amnesia who wakes up on a morgue slab. After an encounter with several armed soldiers, Alex escapes and sets out to recover his memory and find out exactly what is going on. Along the way, he discovers that he now possesses powerful shape shifting abilities that give him tremendous strength, speed, weaponry, and the ability to consume people to gain their memories and appearance. With no memory, Alex is forced to track down those responsible for the situation and consume them in order to uncover the truth behind the conspiracy.

During his quest, Alex faces many enemies. On one side, he faces military forces composed primarily of Marines, supported by a black ops special forces unit known only as Blackwatch. Blackwatch is a top secret special forces unit dedicated to combating biological warfare, and with the Marines, are there fighting the infection. Blackwatch in particular have orders to find and contain Alex. On the other side, as Manhattan slowly begins to fall apart, Alex faces the infected, the mass of population who have been infected with a strange virus that is in some way connected to Alex himself.

Alex then makes contact with his sister Dana Mercer. Dana assists Alex in tracking down targets who can shed light on his past. This leads to the infiltration of Gentek headquarters. Alex unwittingly releases a woman called Elizabeth Greene, who upon escaping, begins infecting Manhattan island with a deadly and mysterious virus. After continued work with Dana, Alex makes contact with his ex-girlfriend Karen Parker. Initially, Alex trusts her as she sends him to collect genetic material from hives and infected monsters known as "hunters". In reality Karen is working for Blackwatch, and uses the material to formulate a parasitic cancer that suppresses Alex's shape-shifting abilities while formulating a cure for the virus. With Dana's help Alex meets Dr. Ragland - a pathologist who has experience working with strange diseases. After several missions, Ragland formulates a cure for Alex, as well as an antibody to use against Greene herself.
7 years ago#2
When Alex next returns to Dana she is kidnapped by a massive "leader hunter" who escapes from Alex due to military interference. Alex returns to Dr. Ragland for help, and eventually discovers the location where Dana is being held. He makes his way to the hive where he finds and confronts Elizabeth Greene. He injects the antibody into Greene's neck, to little effect. She retaliates by creating the Supreme Hunter which Alex then defeats. After the battle Alex discovers Dana is still alive and delivers her to Ragland for care. After the hive battle the clawed hand of the Supreme Hunter rises from an infected pool on the ground - implying that it is still alive.

As the conspiracy unfolds and with the assistance of an unidentified contact the origins of Alex, the Virus, and Elizabeth Greene are uncovered: in 1969 the government had tested a virus codenamed "Blacklight" in Hope, Idaho. This virus was designed as a biological warfare agent targeting those of a predetermined race. Elizabeth Greene (codename: "MOTHER") was the sole survivor of the incident; her body welcomed the virus instead of dying from it, and it rewrote her genetic code along with that of her son, who was taken from her by Blackwatch and codenamed "PARIAH". Hope, Idaho was then laid to waste by a nuclear bomb in a military operation named "Operation Altruistic". Greene and her son were kept in captivity allowing the government to continue research on the virus in cooperation with the company Gentek.

Alex eventually discovers his past after working with the unknown contact. When Gentek employees with knowledge of the Blacklight Virus started to disappear, Gentek employee Alex Mercer attempted to go underground and stole a sample of the virus Dx1118 variant A as "life insurance". Eventually he was pinned down by Blackwatch in Penn Station and killed on site. As he was shot Alex smashed the tube containing the virus releasing it into the unsuspecting city. By the time his body was brought to the morgue the virus had completely taken over his body and duplicated it perfectly, becoming the Alex Mercer that the player controls.

The contact and Alex assist the military in releasing a new biological agent "bloodtox" underground in hopes of driving the virus to the surface, allowing Blackwatch to fight it directly. The plan works and Elizabeth Greene attacks the bloodtox pump as a towering monstrosity. She is taken down by Alex and Blackwatch after a grueling battle. After this battle Alex and the contact decide that Alex should attack the bloodtox production facility head on with the intent of being captured and taken to the secret Blackwatch base where McMullen is hiding. The plan works and while in captivity Alex manages to sneak his way into McMullen's office where he attempts to glean information from him. Alex is unsuccessful as a cornered McMullen commits suicide via a gunshot wound to the head. It becomes apparent that General Randall, head of Blackwatch Command is prepared to nuke Manhattan to destroy the virus. The contact is revealed to be the specialist Cross who guides Alex to consume Colonel Taggart as a means of getting onto the USS Ronald Reagan where the bomb is held. Once on the ship Cross betrays Alex and transforms into the Supreme Hunter - the same monster that Alex fought earlier (it is confirmed in the official strategy guide that Cross was consumed by the Supreme Hunter.) It battles Alex on the deck of the Reagan before getting decapitated. Alex manages to move the nuclear bomb to a safe distance from the city via a helicopter and drops it into the Atlantic Ocean, causing it to detonate underwater with Alex caught in the ensuing blast. However he manages to regenerate and thereafter muses on what he has become. After the credits Manhattan is seen in a recovering state, the virus almost completely destroyed.
7 years ago#3
Why did you post this? Also, your username fits.
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7 years ago#4
I posted it so that people would know Wikipedia's take on the subject. and since everyone goes to Wikipedia for information, I figured here it would be taken as fact and people would stop arguing.
I'm lame
7 years ago#5
Your user name also fits.
I'm lame
7 years ago#6
And only idiots believe everything on wikipedia.
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7 years ago#7
I'm lame
7 years ago#8
*snickers* His name is Poke master.... all credibility just went out the window.
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7 years ago#9
He posted it so people would stop arguing about the games story line.
Also who cares what a guy named pokeamster thinks
7 years ago#10
I made the name years ago. And so what if I like pokemon? It's a decent series? Or will be with the new remakes.
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