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7 years ago#1
When you first get the ability to hijack helicopters, you have to scan a watertower for the infected you can inject with something or other.
The problem is, i can't scan the watertower.

I have it targeted, and it says to push a button to scan it, but i can't find the button that actually scans it.

I've pressed every key on my keyboard while having it targetted, but none of them work.
In the keyboard mapping, there isn't any scan button to map to anything.
This is an incredibly aggrivating problem, and i'd really like to advance in the game, so prompt help would be vastly appreciated.

What button did you all press to scan the watertower?
7 years ago#2
i had that problem too, till i realized i wasnt targeting the right tower. theres a marker right over the correct tower
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7 years ago#3
No, its definitely the right nower. it has the marker over it and everything.
7 years ago#4
Come on guys, anything? I really want to be able to continue through the game =(
7 years ago#5
I have the same problem. I too am certain I'm targeting the correct tower. Here's a screenie of the incident:
I watched a video of that mission on youtube and noticed it shows the actual button to push, not just a blank button. On the PS3 version, at least (I have the PC version). I tried pretty much everything, rebooting, reinstalling, changing settings, pressing all the keys on my keyboard and all that nice stuff, to no avail. Any ideas?
By the way, I had consumed some pilot dude in some military base, gaining the ability to hijack helicopters long before this mission. Dunno if that matters, just saying.
7 years ago#6
Are you sure it's the right tower? Because several towers are marked as the right tower, and then when you get there another one gets marked. When you finally get to the right tower it should flash the button you need to press up top. On the 360 controller it's Y, not sure about the keyboard.
7 years ago#7
No, i'm having the same problem as the above poster. I've got the right tower targetted, but the button it says to press to scan is blank, and nothing works.The picture he posted is exactly my situation as well.
7 years ago#8
That's wierd. If it's showing up as blank then it sounds like it's probably a button you remapped. Since it's Y on the xbox controller, that button is normally the heavy attack button for on foot. Try that one and see if it works.
7 years ago#9
I have my heavy attack set to ALT and that doesn't work.
Also, i have another problem. My right mouse button shows up as my left mouse button, and my left mouse button doesn't show up as anything...

I'm having alot of problems here =(
7 years ago#10
I haven't remapped anything and I still have the problem.
As for your mouse problem, I had something similar. I'm playing on a laptop with a mouse. If I didn't plug the mouse in before starting the game, left click wouldn't work. If that's your problem too, just plug it in before starting the game.
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