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7 years ago#1
i having trouble preforming stealth consumes.
i walk behind a solider, active the stealth half-circle and press grab.
sometimes i succeed on the first try but sometimes it takes me dozen tries.
is it affected by something else?
what the stealth consume 2nd upgrade do? i got it but i unsure if it helps.

7 years ago#2
I think if people are facing you or the person you're targeting for consumption, you can't do the consume. Ideally you wanna get someone by themselves, or create a small detraction (like jumping really high and falling back down, that riles people up without raising an alert try it in a base it works wonders) so you can single your target out and consume them. As far the upgrade, i think it either increases your chances of success, or gives you a higher health/ep boost per stealth consume.
7 years ago#3
thanks i'll try it :)
now about the upgrade what do you mean by "chances of success"?
btw its description is "Increases speed of your 'Stealth Consume'."
whatever that means :\ but it probably not increase hp gain
7 years ago#4
Stealth Consumes only work on human targets, and when no one else is looking at you the moment you press grab. Doesn't matter if they look as you consume someone, just as long as no one sees you when you press Grab. On-Screen prompts, people. They are helpful.

The upgrade does exactly what it sounds like. Makes the consuming process faster. For example, instead of Alex plunging his fist through their spine, he'll snap their neck. The upgraded stealth consume animations are about twice as fast as the default animations.
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7 years ago#5
faster animations? is there any gameplay use to it?
i can understand faster regular consume, to avoid from being knocked out in the process,
but stealth consume is.. well stealthy :\

thanks for the repays
7 years ago#6
I guess i see your point about it, but i suppose it keeps the game going y'know? So, you don't have to wait through an animation for a stealth consume. Eh, i dunno. Some of these upgrades, i gotta say, seem a bit odd that you'd have to buy them. For example, the elbow drop from wall running, you'd think he'd just be able to do that. The running claw slash, i mean that's like a basic move. But this is for another topic.
7 years ago#7
You can see if the stealth consume is usable because the "E" next to the icon will light up when no one is looking at you.
Just as planned...
7 years ago#8
the yellow dots on the mini map are those who are watching you..
if all dots are in white color, nobody are watching you and you can freely stealth consume...

you can push the trucks around to block their line of sight to make it easy to stealth consume..
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7 years ago#9
Just to note, the stealth system in this game is more or less a little broken since the game lacks polish. You can sometimes blatant see that are about more than a dozen soldiers looking towards your direction and still be able to stealth consume and the guards won't do a even a thing to react.

Overall it largely depends on luck and timing, if the stealth meter isn't showing any yellow then the chance of steal consuming someone is pretty much 100% otherwise it largely depends on where you want to consume that person. I have tried experimenting many time stealth consuming targets in military bases and thae possibility to stealth consume someone without any alerts whatsoever depends on the position on where you consume the person for example the far back of the military base where usually Marine drivers lurks are easily consumed once they walked to the far back near the equipments trays.
7 years ago#10
uh.. luck?

i think it should be easy enough to understand: just stealth consume when no one has a clear line-of-sight is facing towards you in short distance; they only notice you when they are in close distance and facing you with no obstacles

if you really find it difficult to do that, you can start with the stationary guards with no one behind them.. consume them one by one, and kill the difficult ones with patsy (be careful not to trigger a rocket launcher attack that might kill your consume targets)....
"I always thought it was nice to fix their quotes in spelling, that way they wouldn't [sic] seam like a moron."
- Oxylepy, GameFAQs member
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