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8 years ago#1
Hi guys,

I see the Hootyfruity patrolling outside the garden every night, but it's still showing as "unknown" species. Anybody know what I can do to make the info appear? I've already tried putting Mousemallows in the garden, but no results. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

8 years ago#2
Are you level seven? I think you need to be level seven to get it to appear. I had a Hootyfruit patrolling my garden as an unknown pinata for such a long time, but when I turned level seven it said, "see if you can attract a wise Hootyfruit..."
Or something like that, and I figured I would now be able to get one to appear.
8 years ago#3
Yeah, I'm level 10 actually. The Hootyfruity just keeps going around and around outside the garden without stepping in, and the info still doesn't show~ :( Plz help~
8 years ago#4


You need to have 5 marshmellow mice thingies in your garden....my advice is to set up a house, and then put a fence around it before putting them in (you can have them fetched) the fenced yard. But to get the owl to eat them is really difficult...so far mine only ate 1....

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