Dark Magician Girl

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9 years ago#1
Do you have to beat her to make her partner-able? And does anyone have a strategy to beat her? My deck can't do it. T_T Every time I summon something she Bottomless Trap Hole's it, and she summons Chaos Sorcerer to destroy my strong cards and summons DMGs ridiculously quick for me, and I can't retaliate with any of my sacrificial monsters, since she always kills my weaker monsters with about 1850-1900 atk.
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9 years ago#2
I'm in support of the first question. I'd like to see it answered as well.
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9 years ago#3
well the reasonable answer would be adding some trap/magic card destruction cards. clear the m/t zones and try to rush her before she does.
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9 years ago#4
It's only luck I guess. When I fought her she never had a chance to summon a pretty strong monster.
I beat her within 20 turns. Oh my decks stacked with light monsters and a field card that weakens dark monsters. : )
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9 years ago#5
1.i used a beat down deck full of 1900 attack points monsters.she went down fast.your best bet is a creature distruction deck.

2. for her to be your partner you have to beat her at the festival duel.in your next play through go into a forest theres a passage leading to her talk to her and give her a golden sandwich and she will be your partner.
9 years ago#6
Creature destruction deck? Can someone give me an example of a few cards that might fit this?
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9 years ago#7
^ really? wow...

old vindictive magician
man eater bug
yomi ship
smashing ground
goblin hammer
lightning vortex
dark hole
tribute to the doomed

you know... all cards that instantly destroy a monster...

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9 years ago#8
Thought so, just wanted to be sure is all
In progress: Disgaea, Disgaea 2, Tales of Radiant Mythology, Jeanne D'Arc, Yu-Gi-Oh TBOD, LOTR: Tactics

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