New to the game...quick question on Nova

#1GoBears8Posted 3/14/2008 2:07:05 PM
Is he the most worthless duelist in the game?
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#2ShinyStormPosted 3/14/2008 4:23:50 PM
Zane,Atticus,Alexis,Crowler and Much Others are better than him
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#3Snakeman18Posted 3/14/2008 4:59:41 PM
yup he pretty much is.all he does is draw cards. the only thing that could kill you is if he uses exchange of the spirit and then forces u to draw cards with monster cards like cyber jar and morphing jar. he actually beat me once with that combo, but only cuz i let him live and i got overconfident. and luckily he's and obelisk blue so u get easy DP.
#4DayWithoutGamesPosted 3/16/2008 1:58:09 AM
No,the most useless duelist is Fat Dorothy Girl.Just beat her today and she don't even know how to summon.On the contrary,Sadie is 10 times better than dorothy,she have 250 duelist bonus,maybe the highest one
#5TimePS2Posted 3/21/2008 7:39:28 PM
Not realy...I use his deck...with quit a bit improvement...its is the Spirit Exchange OTK

monster Gates
Royal Mystic Lirabery
+1 Feather of the Phonix
Hyens (any monster that when is destoryed pulls out 2 more of its self)
Draged Down into the Grave

The mix
9 monsters
10 Traps
21 Spells

the thing about Nova is he stops and does not play the cards he should wow that sounds just like every one else (AI) in the game..

...I esay win with my upgraded deck though.

I am working on an Exioda OTK as well...should be instrenting how that works out
#6MikeSSJ part 3Posted 3/22/2008 4:31:21 PM
Nova is bad, but in my opinion, Dorothy and Damon are even worse.
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