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wow...I have to restart again (Archived)rjspencer416/1/2014
Kinda wish Izuna would appear in Senran Kagura. (Archived)MegaAtomic23/27/2013
So the 3DS is out.....any chance of a 3DS Izuna game? (Archived)G1ingy33/7/2013
What a waste of money. (Archived)Ateas21/12/2013
Who's the best characters to use for the Gankutsu Shrine? (Archived)keyblader1985311/3/2012
Are pictures important or am I free to skip them? (Archived)Supah_Axel210/30/2012
Does anyone know if Aggressive Spirits stack? (Archived)keyblader1985410/12/2012
Herpa derpa derp (Archived)MegaAtomic19/19/2012
Questions and things (Archived)RenamonFOX38/26/2012
I guess the end has truly come... (Archived)123pizza217/4/2012
D: Nooooooooooooooo. (Archived)MegaAtomic56/12/2012
Having Trouble with the no-item dungeon, (Archived)AmaiseingMaze25/16/2012
Hey guys, Shino showed me her boo (Archived)
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Missable Photos? (Archived)HaimerejLoh11/3/2012
Should I play the first game before this one? (Archived)Neo_Sarevok312/10/2011
I need more info on Pochi's Collar (and possibly Memento Ring). (Archived)keyblader1985310/11/2011
One of the things I love/hate about games like this (dungeon crawlers)... (Archived)keyblader198519/14/2011
An idea i had... (Archived)Paladin_Steel19/11/2011
Weapon stat explanations PLEASE (Archived)KaiTheRed68/22/2011
So... no chance for a sequel? (Archived)Taurus91067/30/2011
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