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I just got a second Slime Knight before my first Heal SlimeBob the Almighty53/23 2:15AM
Brady Player's Guidemrsaturnbooty53/22 4:58PM
For anyone who wants to beat the game easily.ervine_lim33/19 10:27PM
Metal equipmentStrikeEpyonZero23/16 10:47AM
Permanent party members vs. monster members...ploodie83/13 7:45AM
Stupid casinogamemaster71273/12 9:27PM
Are there any missables? (Archived)Reaper_ExE22/6 10:48AM
Just won a brand new copy for $38.37 and shipping for $2.68 (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
InfiniteOpening201/12 8:22PM
Question for those who played the JP version and know JP (Archived)BobMcMelon31/7 8:21AM
The lineage of the Heavenly Brides (Spoilers) (Archived)BobMcMelon11/6 7:53PM
Dragon Quest V playthroughs and challenges (Archived)behindtheword101/5 1:03PM
When do my monsters learn zing? (Archived)ffredrikk81/2 11:31PM
Is the SNES Easter Egg still in this version? (Archived)GamerInJapan512/27 3:41AM
AAARRRGGHH!!!!!!!! *flips table* *swears uncontrollably* (Archived)LukeSkyvvalker512/17 11:44AM
Do you think they should've come up with Gold Orb foolproof ? (major spoiler) (Archived)Sun Xiao211/24 1:24PM
I'm terrible at math. Please help. (Archived)omgseal911/18 9:38PM
Plot bugs and/or oversights from the developers (Archived)ZakAttak2310/13 6:57PM
Do you think the DS changes cheapened the plot? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
LukeSkyvvalker1910/8 5:21AM
%$#@% Bomboulders (Archived)ZakAttak2210/5 8:12PM
Handwoven Capes (and possibly other finite quantity gear) SPOILERS INEVITABLE (Archived)nfrazee28410/4 8:46PM
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