Best place too level up! Build vocations.

#1excalibur75Posted 2/24/2011 3:30:08 PM
Looking for a good place too level up and build up my Vocations. And build money. Have 2 pieces of hero equipment (HELM and SHIELD). Just looking to build up lvls and vocations and money.
#2Gogo726Posted 2/24/2011 3:37:32 PM
I'm kinda wondering this myself. Highest level is around 31 or so.
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#3Griffen78Posted 2/24/2011 3:40:23 PM
outside swanstone is the first level 99 cap so thats a decent place to vocation level and if you wanna level grind try around dullerton which is in the northern most part of the RW map. Liquid metal slimes reside there. Also if you hug the southern mountains you will find jewel bags which give about 500 gold upon death so...ya.
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Thanks also.
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#61shadetail1Posted 2/24/2011 3:48:09 PM
Outside the Swanstone castle, and also inside Spiegelspire tower, are the first two dependable job-grinding places you'll have access to. You could also try job-grinding inside the well in real-world Somnia, but the monsters there are pretty powerful in comparison so you might want to avoid it.
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For vocation grinding, you want to complete as many battles in the shortest amount of time possible, so Spiegelspire and Swanstone really are the best areas since the monsters are weak but the area cap is level 99. So you can complete each battle fairly quickly, especially once you get a fairly powerful skill like Thin Air or Boulder Toss.
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Not sure if this is any better or worse, but I have just been using under the sea around Posidons place. Its close to the abby so I can trade jobs easly once mastered but my fav thing about doing it there is the mobs drop seeds (when the moon is blue) I think str and wis seeds but there might be others.
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From: Griffen78 | #003
Liquid metal slimes reside there

Really? I didn't realise until I happened upon this post, I don't believe I've run across anything other than a handfull of plain ol' metals.
They lurk in just a certain terrain, or are they just their normal rare selves?

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I thought Somnia came before Swanstone with a 99 level cap.
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