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Ashlynn!! Oh after the dream world disappeared and we were dropping people off one by one I started thinking maybe they would have you marry her. Then the king of somnia started hinting that way too and I thought yes this is it. Then the ending is just, blahh! Although (Dq8 spoilers) DQ8 did the same thing and then there's a better ending once you've done some post-game stuff and I've now been through the guide and I see it says there's a different ending coming and I'm hoping it's that I get to marry Ashlynn but PLEASE don't spoil that part of it for me I want to get there myself. Anything up to the 2nd ending is fair game as I've been through the guide. At least put it in a spoiler tag if you talk about the second ending and warn me that that's what's in the spoiler tag? thanks! :o)

Anyway, I'm sure you all remember my previous thread "Hi Everyone! A Dragon Quest VI Intro From Your Friendly NeighborHood W_R! :o)" located at: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/942424-dragon-quest-vi-realms-of-revelation/62787038. I will update that thrad as soon as I've posted this. I will also post the contents of my first 3 posts in that thread in this one in case the gamefaqs linking system ever breaks.

I'm pissed that you never have a chance to get Amos back. I do have save slot 3 at the decision point but I'm almost certainly never going to use it. If I ever play this game again I will get Amos. I'll also use Milly and Terry to see what they say. As it stands my final party was:

Me: level 45 hero (mastered)

Carver: level 45 dragon (level 1. When I went to switch his class for the final battle I saw it there because i had just picked up the scroll and by chance he had it, lol. I had no idea that's what the deal was until I saw that in the guide)

Nevan: level 43 Arnamentalist (mastered)

Ashlynn of course: level 43 Paladin (mastered)

All 4 had mastered sage. My other characters were milly, terry, gooawin, and healie. They were all above level 40. I don't remember what their classes were when I went to beat mortimar. I previously had spot but gave him up for terry since I figured terry was more story related, plus he's the dragon warrior monsters character.

I almost didn't beat mortimar. I was down to single digits on mp on everyone, and my wagon team was NOT equipped for battle. Ashlynn and Hero had automatic healing so that helped. The left hand kazinged the right hand and I was like WHHHAAAATTTT!!! So many enemies use kazing in this game. Now I know only the left hand can do that.

Somebody tell me how Milly ended up in the dream world. When we meet her she;s in the real world but we're told she had previously come from the dream world. Yet her hometown is clearly in the real world. I must have missed something along the way.

Overall I really liked this game but it was WAYY too hard in my opinion. By that I mean the challenge at times was so much that it took away from my enjoyment of the game. This only applies AFTER you beat Murdaw's first form in the 2nd battle with him. Up until that point, I thought the difficulty was perfect.

I can't think of anything else to say. I guess I can't browse the forum too much because I don't want to know what the 2nd ending is just yet. I'll look at some thread, but I will have to be careful. I probably won't play this game again for a few weeks. I'm going to play Inversion. Unfortunately I can't platinum inversion because there are multiplyer trophies but the game is an epic flop and nobody is on multiplayer (seriously, no person has yet gotten any of the MP trophies.) I'll be in England for a week at the end of the month and I can;t play PS3 games then but I can bring my 3DS and it will also be good for the flights to and back, to just level up and such for the battle with the bonus boss.

When I repost the old thread, you'll see what I think of the dream world stuff. I think they could have done more with it honestly.
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(Messages from previous thread posted below)

Hi guys. W_R here. Everyone having a good time playing this game? I just wanted to let you all know that I *am* playing this game and I *will* be posting on these forums when I finish. :0)

Hope everyone's having a great time playing this game! :o)

When I am finished with the game you can expect that I will post my completion thread to this board: "I Beat This Game (spoilers) (W_R)"

You can find the corresponding topic for Dragon Quest V here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/942423-dragon-quest-v-hand-of-the-heavenly-bride/57374971

In the following post I will describe where I am in this game currently, and my thoughts so far. I need to make a second post due to the length, and also it may have some SPOILERS so I will be required to leave the requisite spoiler space.
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Currently, I am at level 35 and have just bumped into my other self. He went down the mountain and I have to go meet him after my 3DS has finished charging and I have eaten the PJs pizza that is on the way. I have already visited Felonia (didn't have the ultimate key at that point though) and I got the rusted sword from Mt. Snowhere and I actually visited Turncote (sp?) a while ago (the monsters there owned me). I did not get Amos. I did not realize telling him that he was a monster was something you would get punished for doing. I thought it would be neutral or maybe even be required. By the time I realized the mistake I had already put another hour into the game and said screw it.

My favorite character is Ashlyn. I have Milly in the wagon but I'll pull her out the enxt time I go to Felonia because it sounds like that may be where she came from. (Although she's a dream world type so I'm not sure how that makes sense yet? anyway...)

Oh we're all sages. Ashlyn's the closest to mastering. She knows magic bust by the way. :O)

Ewww, there's a long ass hair in my pizza!

I really like the overarching theme in this game. As someone who takes the whole "universe might just be a computer simulation" idea seriously, I think it's an interesting concept and may not just be a fantasy. In fact, I think it's entirely possible that when we dream that is essentially a simulation and so could be "real" just as we are. Moreover, the whole game of dragon quest iv might be real by the same logic! (although there are hundreds of thousands of them and each pops in and out of existence when the game is launched/closed.)

Now things are a little different in how dreams work in this game. It is clear there is only 1 dreamworld and everyone's dreams are shared there. What's not clear is whether or not the dreamworld is simply the manifestation of everyone's dreams and has no reality outside of that, or if the dreamworld is a pre-existing realm in which people's dreams happen to take place. The game (so far) has provide plenty of evidence from both perspectives. I have a feeling it;s not something that's going to get resolved because hey, just how any people playing care about that kind of detail? lol

Now to be honest with you, I had heard before that there was a dream world in this game. However, I never would have guessed that that is what you would START in lol. Oh, an when I heard the overworld music I was like "uhhh whhhaaaattt, that's our overworld music? This weak piece of crap." I guess that's what they wanted you to think, lol. The real overworld music I think kicks all kinds of ass. I think it's probaly the best after DW7. And the dreamworld music is kind of nice I guess once you know it's just mellower version of the real thing. Anyway, I had a fun time trying to figure out what was going on, which world was real and which was a dream. I even thought there might be time travel going on after the amor thing. The characters help you figure it out, and I like that. I really like how they have you start in the dreamworld and you have to figure this out. It makes me glad that I stick to my rule of not breaking open a guide until I finish the main game. :o)

So I was really enjoying the game. For a while it seemed like a typical DQ game in terms of difficulty, maybe even a little easier. I was wondering whether I may end up liking this more than DW7 and DQ8. And then...Murdaw's 2nd form. The game went from a relative breeze to going all DW2 NES on me! And it didn't stop after that! It's only now, after I got past all the level caps and was able to catch up my classes, that I finally feel comfortable playing the game again. This mid-game ultra difficulty is a real knock against it in my book.

The boss music is a little weak but it is kind of catchy.
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Now I haven't finished the game yet so I won't be reading this thread until I've beaten the archfiend (it may we be archived by then). Feel free to post in this thead if you wish though...I just won't see what you write until after I finish. Once I beat the archfiend I will break open my guide and read everything there is and see what all I missed (there's usually some sidequest I missed or something). I have nod desire trying to figure out on my own how to unlock the bonus stuff. I mean, who knows, if it's as hard to figure out as it was in DW7, I may have to break open my guide anyway! lol. Anyway, DQ8 was the only one to introduce any real new storyline in the post-game stuff so I'm not too worried about being spoiled.

Ok well I finally finished my pizza but I'll watch a movie while my 3DS keeps charging. I make very slow progress in gamin because I watch 2 movies a day, everyday, and sometimes 3 on the weekends. So I usually only get to play mes for 1-2 hours a night.

I'm going to post now. Even if it's archived when I read it, I can always start a "part 2" to respond to you guys.

Thanks! :o)
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I did fix one typo in those reposts, in case anyone notices. So it wasn't a literal copy-paste, lol.
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I have a question for ignasia7 (or anyone else that can answer). In this thread:
ignaisa7 said:
save for one boss, where in the original the player has an advantage due to a natural immunity, in the DS version this is removed, making it the one major shift in boss difficulty.
So what boss are we talking about? And who has what immunity? Thanks!
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No one knows the answer to my question about the immunity? :o(
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I don't. Never played the SFC version.
Frazee uses the lunch!
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is the original snes version harder then the ds version?