Is there some reason EVERY Doctor Who game must be Top Trumps?

#1yunatwilightPosted 8/28/2009 4:32:32 PM
I have no complaints about there being a Top Trumps card game for Doctor Who; there's one for everything else, after all.

But then they came out with a collectible miniatures game, and I was excited; I was hoping for something like Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures or at least like the Pokemon board games. Nope; three-dimensional Top Trumps. Which makes no sense because you can always SEE your opponent's character.

Now, the video game for the Playstation 2. Visual novel? Platformer? RPG? I could design any of the three in my sleep. But no, it's Top Trumps. Who writes a Top Trumps game for Playstation? It's like playing Pong on a supercomputer. A middle-school kid could write a program in BASIC to play this game, and many probably do.

And now, on the DS? Top Trumps. Again.

Is there some kind of an exclusive licensing deal going on here, where nobody but Top Trumps is EVER going to be allowed to make Doctor Who games? And if so, can we please find out who at the BBC is responsible and FIRE THEM?