Is there no in game map?

#1Ness RulzPosted 10/9/2011 1:42:15 PM
I can't seem to find a map anywhere.
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#2jamesthebob114Posted 10/9/2011 1:43:09 PM
there is no map
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#3GiveTheF_SmackPosted 10/9/2011 1:45:53 PM
All maps were destroyed when the meteor hit.
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#4marthinzenPosted 10/13/2011 6:02:34 AM
#5selectimagingPosted 10/13/2011 11:58:23 AM
you really dont need one seeing that the world is fairly small.
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#6Anarchist_ApplePosted 10/13/2011 2:08:35 PM
Nope, but there are a dozen or so other topics with this exact info.
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#7HammerBladePosted 10/13/2011 3:08:58 PM
think there was a map inside the manual, no idea to what as I only flicked through it, sorry.