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6 years ago#1
I can't seen to get started, my attendance is low (300-500), thus my AP income is pathetic and just went constant red on 2nd year after the salary increase I guess lol

I only hired via scout/test, should I hire some free agents too?
Any tips are welcome, I just started playing yesterday
6 years ago#2
stay in 1 county at first. advertise every month to increase attendance. choose the appropriate advertisement because there's no need to advertise nationally if you are only in 1 county. this is also the reason i suggest you to stay in one place at first. you get medium increase in popularity in that month for 50 ap whereas nationally would cost you 100 ap. i think (not sure) that also increase your popularity in that county faster, which means better attendance.

always hold autograph session to increase popularity. it cost money, but i think it's a good investment. just a personal belief of mine. i've never NOT hold autograph session, so i don't know well it works not doing it.

choose the right stadium because the bigger it is, the more expensive the rent is. furthermore, lets say you have 500 in attendance for a 500 seat stadium. if you choose 1000 instead, the attendance WILL drop, which make sense because ticket for a bigger stadium would naturally be more expensive.

the number of matches affects the attendance. lets say you have 8 wrestlers on tour. having 4 singles matches will draw better than only 2 tag matches. i'm not sure, but i think booking the same match everyday in a tour also hurts attendance. the game is rather intelligent and realistic when it comes to attendance. many details affects it, including the time period between visit to a county, having title matches, the popularity of your stars, and i think even having a local star from that county helps. hiring foreign wrestlers helps you, but relying solely on them will hurt you. you need to develop your own stars.

read some other topics for more tips. play around to find out more for yourself because i don't want to influence your game too much (or i might even be mistaken on some of things too, since they are all just observations from experience). if you have more questions, i always keep an eye on this board.
6 years ago#3
thanks alot for the tips, I'll try em out and see if I get things right this time :)
6 years ago#4
oh, something important i forgot to mention. the number of days you spend in a county also affects the attendance. i notice this when i could sell out a 50,000 seats stadium staying only a day, but can't even come close staying there the whole tour (8 days). again, lots of things affect the attendance. but this is especially important for me to point out because i also suggested you to stay in 1 place early on.
6 years ago#5
Those tips + some study/try&error got things going and I am now on the end of the 5th year (starting from era 1)

My Thunder Ryouko is over 1300 by now, I wonder if I can beat final series with her lol
6 years ago#6
Oh yeah, forgot to ask, do know what are the three stats you can boost/downgrade with conversations? I know the third one is morale, and one is bound to be trust/love, but I don't know which lol
I assume the first is trust/love since I got Myuki Sanada's beach event when she was the only one with an A rate, but I am not sure.

Also, the conversations options are something like.:

Do you happen to know what is the 4th one? I never really managed to get a positive result of it and based on the wrestlers answers (as in not understanding/pretending not to understand or saying it's impossible) I assume it's something like a love confession?
6 years ago#7

1 option is moral and love without penalty for failure. 1 is trust and love without penalty. 1 increases all 3, but has penalty. and the 4th i believe is only for when there are problems between wrestlers. but i have never seen problem come up. maybe because i talk with them often to keep the moral high.
6 years ago#8
One more question (lol), is there a set age for everyone's prime's or it is different with each wrestler?

And do they start losing stats? Is there anyway I can counter this? Should I just retire her when it comes to that?
6 years ago#9

according to the link, growth is not age dependent. a wrestler start decline once she enters the game after a certain amount of years. you can look at when a wrestler enters the game here:

for example, izayoi (my favorite wrestler), enters the game at -2 year august. that is roughly 3 years before the start of the earliest era. she has 9 years before she starts to decline. so that means at the start of the earliest era, i roughly have 6 years with her before decline starts.

there are 2 stages of decline. the first stage, it can be offset with a coach. so it's possible she won't lose stats. the second stage, the decline will be even faster, so you can't offset that with a coach.

5 years after a wrestler retires, she reborns. i don't know how it works if you hire her as a coach (maybe she remains a coach until she is reborn). i've never play that deep into the game. there are also 2p versions of the same wrestlers. so what you want to do with them is entirely up to you.

there are both reasons to keep her and ditch her i can think of. once she starts declining, she probably has very high popularity. so she will draw very well even as she decline. if she retires, she keeps her stats high, reborns earlier, and you make room on your roster. i don't know how stats affects coaching. THIS IS PURELY A GUESS, but i think the stats distribute the experience into the genres. the higher stats a genre has, the more exp goes toward that. so lets say a coach has A in power move and 5 in all others, the wrestler(s) training under that coach might receive experience at the ratio of 10 points in power and 5 points in other genres.

the rating of a coach is the experience you get with that coach. 1500 means the wrestler will get 1.5 times the experience.
6 years ago#10
Damm I just lost final series -_-

I was cleary superior during the whole match (tag) but I failed to immobilize my opponent (at 0 life) about 5-6 times. I aways seen to struggle dealing the finishing move, dunno what I'm doing wrong or what I am lacking.

I totaly didn't prepare a junior wrestler lol but my Lena is faring surprisingly well (just re-loaded)
My heavy singles competitor tho got her ass pwned lol
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