Anyone still playing? Could use some help

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7 years ago#11
Damm I just won both junior single and tag but I lost in total points (37-34) >_>

Should I bother reloading and trying again? What do I win if I get 1st place?
7 years ago#12
i don't think (not 100% sure on this) you gain anything. i read in another topic that 1 girl will confess to you and that's it. you just continue the game from that point on. pretty disappointing ending.

tag match is a pain in the butt. the other wrestler always interfere. i just try to stay at my corner and hope my tag partner stop her from interfering.

there's a skill that makes a wrestler harder to pin. so maybe that. and i've always suspect that if you don't hit a wrestler hard enough (like hitting with a difficulty 2 move), it's more difficult to pin her. i also suspect that suplex with a pin combination (like german or northern light) makes pinning easier.
7 years ago#13
my current game doens't have a junior division wrestler either (year 4). so i probably have to give up on that, lol. or maybe i should steal sonic cat away from another promotion.
7 years ago#14
Yeah I guess that makes sense, hitting her hard before pinning should help.

Also in one of my re-loads I got a confession (from Miyuki Sanada) just before the final series matches so I guess you dont need to win to get that.. I wonder if you get anything at all from winning lol
7 years ago#15
Just and update, I just beat the Final Series after a bunch of reloads (junior:Rena, tag:beaulty hojo+miyuki sanada, and single: Thunder Ryouko) I lost tag but I won both singles.

During the credits roll a few girls (namely: Diana, Miyuki and Ryouko) confessed, but it was completely different from the event that I triggered that other time (which had an unique CG in it) lol I guess those are random? not sure.

What brings me to another question, how do I trigger CG events, aside from the beach ones?
7 years ago#16
there are two kind of cg event. the bench one you already know from going on vacation. another one is randomly occur at the end of your turn. obviously, you also need to get to a certain level of love first. there is 2 of this cg event. the 2nd one also trigger randomly after the 1st, but has basically the same cg.

go to tip for the explanation on cg.
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