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5 years ago#1
Hey to any fans out there. I'm in the planning stages of writing an FAQ containing all characters with their move sets translated listed as they appear on the character select scren, mainly to use as reference for what moves they have and what they are in Japanese. Any help would be appreciated mainly with the characters names and their portrait to help sort them out when reading through the list.
5 years ago#2
do you know japanese? i saved some stuff from online into excel files that is in japanese. i use excel because it's easy to organize into tables and to sort. also translated most of the moves into english for myself. can send you the files if you want them.

these 2 site might help you. there was one site that is exactly what you need, but that was gone. the lesson i learned is to save everything in your harddrive when you find a good site because it might be gone any time. even the official site is gone before i can save all the character's pic.
5 years ago#3
That would help out a bit if you could send those files my way. Those two sites are good, only problem is both of them show up with the text broken and not showing the text in Japanese but running the site through an online translator does display in english although not the best translation. My method of figuring out what each move is using trial and error in the special match. These two sites also help me abit at figuring the moves.
5 years ago#4
just switch the character coding to Japanese (Shift JIS) in your browser and that should show the text. if that doesn't work, change your systems locale to japanese.

i use a combination of youtube, wiki (both english and japanese), and online translator to get the translation. some names are easy. some i have to watch and rewatch the animation to figure what it is. a couple i have to google in japanese, such as the Dragon Cavernaria. really tough getting that one.

give me your email so i can send you.
5 years ago#5
email is and also the pages display the correct characters when viewing the sites from google translator.

some of the move names are tough to figure out one move translated to english is "apparently needs", yah apparently needs a better translation.

some are easy to figure out mainly how they are pronounced.

the movelist is going take awhile, (probably will not include the alternate characters depending if they use the same moves or not)

then next see if I can get a translation and layout of each of the Character's stat pages when you press triangle on each of the names. Hoping I can mix and match the Japanese characters from the sites to have a translation.
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