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5 years ago#1 is no longer working for me; I don't get an Internal 500 error, an IP error, or anything. The page simply refuses to load! If I click to see the cached version it takes about 5 minutes to load before it shows anything, but even then it's useless because I can't navigate past the main page. I've tried on several different computers and browsers, all with the same problem. What the heck is going on!? (I have had this problem for about a year now)
5 years ago#2
weird. i just go there to check. it's working fine for me. i'm using firefox 3.6.22.
5 years ago#3
Are you in the United States? I've used 5 different browsers between Mac and PC, and nothing works.
5 years ago#4
yes. i'm in los angeles.

this reminds me of something. my friend once tried switching to cable service from DSL a few years ago. but once he switched, there is a specific chinese website he can't go to anymore. so he was forced to switch back to DSL. also, during last year's world cup, i was able to go to espn3 to watch the games online. but my friend in new york and hong kong can't because of their internet service provider. perhaps the internet service provider is the problem?
5 years ago#5
Definitely could be, though I think the last time I switched providers was 3 years ago, and I think the last time I accessed the site was 2 years ago.

The weird thing is that I don't get the regular "Forbidden" or even "Internal 500" error message. For whatever browser I use, I get the message you usually get when your internet has been lost (like the router is shut off, cable unplugged, etc.)

The only time this has ever happened is like when the servers in the target country are down (like I couldn't access Taiwanese websites when that earthquake hit their internet infrastructure a few years ago). Of course, you can access the page fine, so that's definitely not the problem.
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