How to get belts/titles

#1Mystery_OriginPosted 10/11/2011 2:02:55 AM
I can't seem to find someone asking about this... maybe I just really suck at using translators. This has been a question that I was stumped on since Wrestler Angel 3 back on Dos.

From what I gathered from psychelia2, there are 3 ways of getting belts.

1) 'Raid' a team with a belt. They will raid you back later and you have a chance to get a belt? Do you just win against the belt holder and that's it?
2) Get in an alliance with a foreign team and they will eventually invite you to a title match
3) Make your own belt... though I have no idea how that belt can be given/won by your guys

Can someone please point me in the right direction? It is rather hard experimenting on a PS2 game with only 3 save slots.
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#2TaijouroukunPosted 10/11/2011 6:19:26 PM
when you set your matches, you can turn a match into a title match. so when a promotion raids you, and one of the wrestlers has a belt, you can turn it into a title match (i've never try this).

you can create your own belts (cost money). then you can have title matches.

when you have an alliance with a foreign promotion, they will send wrestler for you to use. if they have belts, then you can have title match.

so basically, if anyone you can control have a belt, you can have a title match.

a title can only be defended once a month/turn. having title match increase attendance for that day.

you can lose your belt to another promotion. if you do, you can take it back by force (i think there's some penalty. i forgot what, it's been a while since i played) or you can wait for/create a chance to take it back in the ring.
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OH finally find the button to change a match to a title match. Thanks.
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