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5 years ago#11
many thanks, most helpful!

regarding the tag options when i'm out of the ring, well.

i play a tour and i have all the other characters on "automatic" while i control one, and when i tag out, i have 4 options available, i'm nor sure about them.

also, if a girl's rating is over 1000 how can i hire her? do i set the price to 99 and hope for the best?

i also wonder, regarding the girls who are also near or above 1000 rating but are hired by other promotions, is it possible to lure them over to your promotion?
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5 years ago#12
should be possible. i always develop my own wrestlers. so i really haven't play with those options. but some wrestler might be "on loan" from foreign promotions. those you can't get this way.
5 years ago#13
i played a tag match. outside of the ring, i only see two options, tag and get back in the ring. so i have no idea what they are. i guess you just have to test it and find out for yourself.
5 years ago#14
i see.

say, is there a site that lists the girls with their pictures? i'd just like to know their names xD

also, see in the "upgrade/purchase building" panel? the very first building, that costs 5000, what does it do exactly?
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5 years ago#15

not a very good site, but at least it has some picture.

not too sure what that upgrade does.
5 years ago#16
sweet! thanks :]

i'm starting a new game and going to make all the other promotions start with zero wrestlers, except for that fixed-brand that starts with a huge roster. oh well.

pitty i can't control the foreigner wrestlers in the management mode.

also, i know i asked this before, but i'm not sure about what you said regarding it:

is it possible to "steal" wrestlers who have a rating of over 1000 from other promotions? because i tried once or twice with a price of "99" but it didn't work quite well.

i'm not sure if i'm just unlucky and they're happy there, or if i am not offering enough which would be a problem in itself, since i am offering the highest that i can
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5 years ago#17
just looked at the option and yes, you can (if you can't, then there would be no option for it). however, it will cost you a lot of money and there is no guarantee of success. the 99AP you spent will be gone no matter what. and in addition to that, you have to pay an amount of AP base on her rating. i loaded a game and try to recruit someone with rating 1164. it would have cost me another 1682 AP if i successfully got her.

now i remember why i don't use this method to get wrestlers.

the success rate of getting a wrestler is partly base on her trust/loyalty stat. on the main page, choose the 3rd option (info), then choose the 3rd option (your wrestlers), the middle column right next to HP is that stat. it goes all the way up to A. the higher it is, the less likely she will go to another promotion.

if you sign a contract with a foreign promotion, they will send over some wrestlers for you to use. who they send might be different every month, and how good they are is base on how promotion. you can't train them, but you can use them on your tour like your own wrestler. they can win your title and took it back to their promotion, as can you take their title. there are also free agent foreign wrestler you can hire. i forgot how long they stay.

while we're on foreign promotion, you can also send your wrestler over to train. one per foreign promotion. it cost money and they will develop her for you. but you can't improve your relation with them this way, and i personally like to customize my wrestlers.
5 years ago#18
Can anyone help me with AP or Attendance? No matter what I do I can't seem to get over 500 people in Attendance. Also If anybody could help out in getting AP that would be swell.
5 years ago#19
NinjaGoemon posted...
Can anyone help me with AP or Attendance? No matter what I do I can't seem to get over 500 people in Attendance. Also If anybody could help out in getting AP that would be swell.

if you stay at the same place over and over again, attendance will go down because people don't want to see the same thing over and over again. so you should tour the whole country. if you haven't been to a place in a while, go there and attendance will be higher than normal. so don't limit yourself to only one location.

the popularity of the wrestlers, the number of wrestlers/matches in each show greatly affects the attendance. having title match will boost attendance for that specific show.

some wrestler have ability that gives you AP every month. if you have your wrestler do things like make commercial or music album, that gives AP depending on how successful it is. there are abilities that boost success rate of those events, as well as decrease the success rate. your promotion becoming more popular also means a bigger TV contract. there really isn't much to do about AP except become a better promotion. i guess if you really want to go after AP, the only thing out of the ordinary is to find wrestlers with abilities that boost popularity, event chances and event successful rate, even if they don't have potential to be great wrestlers.

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