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Ballos Observations (SPOILERS) (Archived)WindMouseHanpan41/19 2:15AM
Any tips for wind temple or any other extra challenges? (Archived)P4wn4g3112/17 7:15PM
Question about Curly Story on Cave Story+ (for Steam) (Archived)AlabasterFilth23/1/2014
At what point is Mr Travelers name revealed? (Archived)-TheFranchise-112/28/2013
I wuv this game. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
What's so good about this game ? (Archived)mohit920639/21/2013
I will beat Normal Sanctuary! I swear it! (Archived)GROMABgladius39/2/2013
My mental state diary (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
So I re-downloaded Cave Story... (Archived)WindMouseHanpan14/29/2013
Did you know that the witch-woman Jenka (spoilers) (Archived)Zadrieck_VH782/28/2013
For real? (spoilers) (Archived)Woofrikinhaw31/1/2013
I never got the good ending, thought about giving it a shot with the machine gun (Archived)Vicaris312/30/2012
Similar Games? (Archived)viral712/21/2012
Sound glitch (Archived)sauruschamp1112/17/2012
Any of you plebs ever beat Hard Mode? (Archived)Lord_Frood1012/8/2012
So, how many times have you guys played through this game? (Archived)HerPanda512/7/2012
If I had known you take twice as much damage in Curly Mode (Archived)RuneMaster no2211/25/2012
Something cool I found on YouTube (Archived)Hylian_Pirate211/8/2012
Thinking about getting this game, questions (Archived)HerPanda59/28/2012
Difference between Cave Story and Cave Story+? (Archived)DoomedIdiot58/13/2012
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