This game is horrible

#1jbinminotPosted 1/6/2009 8:29:37 PM
I have yet to win 1 match on this game because the controls are garbage. The computer opponent's biggest strategy is to simply hit every one of your teammates that you don't control at the time because they are too stupid to avoid getting hit. Oh by the way, the computer opponents never miss, EVER!
You also never know which avatar you are controlling at any time. They switch them on you without any warning whatsoever.
Whenever you hit one of the opponent for some reason without your control, your player turns his back on the opponent (mostly when the opponent has the ball and you don't have the chance of catching it)
The graphics are certainly nothing to write home about either.
The guys on this site who claim the game is too easy are either lying or were paid to give good reviews and say it was easy.