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StickyWelcome to the Purna Database (Sticky)
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Lastat27732/10 4:29AM
Dead Island Riptidewesmadelung17/28 8:32AM
Looking for a invisible grendae launcher.Pokedog12367/28 6:14AM
What the Hell Just Happened??? (Archived)pirahna56/9 8:41PM
anyway to get cash fast? (Archived)Rattlesnake0545/23 9:29AM
I died and respawned inside a bunker with no way out ? (Archived)Splatulated35/10 2:28AM
Looking for modded items (Archived)AnonymousFriend15/6 1:56PM
Hello! Anyone want to play with a pleasant Englishman? (Archived)Arctic_Sunrise13/31 3:42PM
I Know locations of all skulls, chapter 7 now. U need help, join in OHIXIHO (Archived)chriss123/31 10:09AM
Do enemies level past 50? (Archived)Vypernight23/31 8:24AM
joined this game and got from level 11 to 26 in like 5 min? (Archived)magemaximus53/30 10:24PM
metal scraps vanish (Archived)mrmontie13/30 8:40PM
On chapter 5, just going into new area with mechanic's daughter. co-op (Archived)chriss113/26 3:29AM
I got some stupid questions (Archived)SundancerII43/25 3:18PM
Huh, could have sworn this was a split-screen game (Archived)Chosen_one_4123/25 3:14PM
What do you use the Hat Stand for? (Archived)VividAxis43/17 12:29AM
Does the slow motion effect have anything to do with getting a Critical hit? (Archived)VividAxis13/17 12:26AM
Anyone looking for an Assassins Greed? (Archived)SweetBoi53/12 4:46PM
My Game is Leveling Me Up Randomly (Archived)GreetedOsprey233/9 9:34AM
modded weapons (Archived)incrediblePHAQ93/4 6:12PM
farming - xp, money, weapons (Archived)TrickyRici83/3 6:38PM
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